I'm sure you'vecome across these players. They limp most hands around the button. It could be cut off, button or small blind. The flop comes and they min bet or pot bet if you or others check because they see weakness.

Let me hit you with a useful number. We only hit the flop 1 in 3 times. If someone does this every time in spots like this then you know they can't have it every time. The problem is if we never raised pre then we have said we are not strong and we are inviting them to bet. I think this is fine btw.

Let me explain.

In cash we can show aggression pre flop and use that 1 in 3 against them. We can bluff and value bet holdings as weak as bottom pair or even A high. We can adapt a strategy that is easy to beat this style of player because we can reload our stack, pot control and have an edge over our opponent.

In MTTs and STTs this can also hold true but only if we're deep enough. The problems with tourney's is blinds move quickly and usually we don't have a deep enough stack to manouvre.

Here's what I do, it may not be correct so I'd like feedback for what you do. Generally in the blinds I don't defend the blinds enough when they are low. We may be deep and make things happen but generally raising out of the blinds to a loose passive player is a poor decision unless we are really strong. They simply will not fold and we are out of position the rest of the hand. As I said, we only hit the flop 1 in 3 so loose passives who bet every flop will have that edge over you as you simply won't know what your opponent could have knowing he can play any 2.

My fold to steal stat will be high, my resteal stat will be low and better players who use a HUD will pick up on this. They will steal you more when the chips mean nothing but this is to our advantage later in the game. That's not to say I don't defend, I just defend less against loose passives. The chips will come back with interest later on against these players.

When the blinds are high I'll start defending more but I won't be flatting (rarely). Instead I'll be restealing, shoving and punishing those limpers. I think I've average steal stats that are not too high nor not too low but it's when the chips are high and the blinds mean something when I'm doing most of my stealing. I've said before that every chip counts and this is true but some chips are more valuable than others. I think this is one subtle difference between cash and tourney's.

There is also a subtle different between STTs and MTTs. I'm a losing MTT player on Stars yet a winning STT player so this could be a reason but I'm a winning MTT'er on other sites so it could be just variance.

This strategy has worked for me so it may not work for you but I'm curious what your strategy is?


2 days left of the Premier League and I'm sitting 441 for a min cash. I said I would play, play, play but I have noticed the league is a very top heavy payout structure. Rather than risk losing places by getting KO'd early I thought not playing was a better move and keep an eye on my placings. I haven't played in over a week and only dropped a few spots. There's always next month. If I drop out of the top 500 I'll play another game or 2 but for now I'm happy with a min cash.


Car insurance is due for renewal and I'm going to pay for it via poker profits. I've done this for the past few years. I'm also tempted to go to Burnley v Chelsea game in 2 weeks. As a Glentoran supporter we've made many friends in the town and I've a few mates heading over. Tempted but paying for both would do most of my bankrolls in. Still if you never enjoy the rewards from the game is there any point playing?

Until next time