Well it doesn't look like I'll be heading to the US. £200 in profit since I started my challenge is nowhere near enough to pay for flights. If I was closer to £500 I may have paid for my flights and worried about hotels and transfers afterwards but other things have got in the way like a new clutch for my car. My preferred site of choice also removed their overlay games, that has hurt. It was printing money for me for a few years. Never say never though.

It's not all bad news.

I fortunately won a years Gold Subscription to Sharkscope which includes the Sharkscope HUD. While the HUD is not as good as my Holdem Manager HUD it is of use and it's fun seeing some results at micro stakes. It was also useful to reset some of my stats and to look at what games are making me the most profit.

I'm also heading for a small prize in the Premier League. I'll keep an eye on results and play again should I drop out of the top 500 but for now I'll concentrate on making 150VPPs to win a high prize next month if possible. One thing I will say about the PL games, it's tough. There are no bad players and the game isn't structured well for the starting stages (it does get better.) I think you are forced to shove too soon and coinflips are not a good way to play. Still, everyone is under the same rules and the top players just know how to play these. I must figure out how.


I once read Super System 2 many years ago and I definitely wouldn't recommend it for the beginner. Basically it says if you get AA- raise, AKs - raise, A3s - raise, 72o - raise. It is telling you to use pure aggression to beat your opponents. This may work when the stakes are high and your opponents are thinkers but at micro stakes pure aggression may not only work it could actually be bad for your game in certain spots.

Make no mistakes, aggression wins you chips and using it correct is long term EV but against certain player types your just fighting fire with fire and for others your just building them a pot to win so there are certain spots when I prefer to limp.

In a SnG when the blinds are low if I'm holding a decent set mining hand or drawing hand like JTs I love seeing flops when I'm in position. Of course I'll also raise with these hands but knowing who I'm up against and how many player will dictate whether I raise or flat. It can also disguise some holding we have, if we raise with medium pocket pairs and flat with them also our opponent is always trying to guess what we have.

Think of a hand like 99 when he blinds are 20/40 and we've 1500 chips. If there's 3 limpers before me we could raise to 200 but all 3 are unlikely to fold and if 1 calls then it's a snowball and the other 2 will come along for the ride. It also gives all 3 to shove over the top of us even with weak holdings like JTs. We may have a far stronger range but 99 v JTs is just a coinflip and we don't want to be flipping when the blinds are so low. This is a great spot to set mine. If we hit our set then Bingo we win a big pot. If we don't and there are overcards then we can fold and it cost us 40 chips. We can also raise to 200 the odds time, don't get too preditable!

AKs in small or big blind is another spot. AKs is a monster hand but we only hit the flop 1 in 3. If it's likely villains won't fold then I both raise and flat in spots like this. It's important to note that if we limp we are playing it as a drawing hand, we want to hit big and win a big pot and lose a small one.

Of course when we drop to less than 15-20BBs I'm raising and shoving every time with these hands but when pots are small you want to win big or lose small. It's important to note who your playing against. A calling station just wants to see his hand to the river, a LAG just wants to bluff and bully you off a hand. Ask yourself if I raise here will I achieve what I'm intending?

I think a limping range is vital, just don't do it often and pick spots where a limp will work. Don't get into the habit of limping with weak holdings that will get you into trouble. Q2s is not a great hand to limp if the flop comes QJT rainbow. If you limp hands like this don't get married to your top pair (I rarely limp hands like this for this exact reason.)

Until next time