I tried throughout the month to get back into the Premier League via the Qualifier League and free League alway hoverring about 200th place but I always felt my position wasn't secure enough so I kept trying.


I gave my thoughts to Lee on this hand hopefully he responds. Thanks to bad play and variance like that hand my position dropped to 400th place so I thought I'd blown my chance for a Premier League place.

Alcohol and Poker

Last night I thought I'd give it one more go knowing I had to take chances fueled by a couple of pints of Guinness after I attended the Glentoran v Dungannon Irish League match.

In truth I got very lucky at times and I made some horrendous calls but I also made some good plays and my shoving range was spot on. I was also shadowed by 2 observers, I called them my stalkers. One called me a donkey while the other a "pro", I think they got me spot on as sometimes I was great and other times I was the biggest whale at the table. Alcohol and poker are not a good mix but while I make many more mistakes I'm also more aggressive and the 2 must cancel each other out.

Well I managed to win the tournament for $15 but more importantly the result shot me up the table into 69th position and I'm back in the league. I can only qualify for a low prize but that doesn't matter. Getting and staying there is a priority.

A big mistake I made the last time I was there in November was not playing the game enough. Just like the Qualifier League, volume counts. I'll just keep playing the games until I get luck or variance on my side. I'll now set January as a target for 150VPPs but I think I'll also play the Qualifier and Open Leagues still should I fail again in the Premier League. I'll also make sure I check the correct league for my league place, a rookie mistake I made the last time!

Since I started 2016 with zero and turned it into $1,000, I'm now aiming for the $1,000 into $10,000. This is just an aspiration, not a requirement but the Premier League is part of that strategy. I won't hurt my game by cramming volume, table selection and good decisions are far more important. $5,000 for 1st place is no small pocket change. While it's highly unlikely I'll get that prize as there are many, many good players but with a bit of luck and making less mistakes it is possible.

Poor deposit bonuses

I mentioned before I play the deposit game. I don't need to deposit but sometimes the deposit bonuses like my last one are just too good to miss out. Unfortunately when I done the maths the current offering is just so poor it's not worth going for. 25 tickets for a $30 deposit gets you into a $500 freeroll each time but these freerolls have over 20,000 players and only 100 prizes meaning each ticket is only worth about 2.5c each.

No thank you Pokerstars.

December Graph.

My results tailed off towards the end of the month, with rakeback and bonuses I managed about £140 profit. Nowhere near enough to get me to the USA but January is a new month and I'll just keep plugging away.

Good luck in 2017