I've had a pretty decent December but I'm nowhere near the $1,000  needed to get me to Detroit.

But compare that to my results on Pokerstars and you'll see it's not on Pokerstars where I'm making most of my profit (The top graph also includes my Pokerstars results.)

I'd like to continue that top graph by playing on other sites but Pokerstars will be an important part of 2017 as placing decently in the Premier League is my top aim for next year.

Premier League

My current qualifier League place is 267 but I think it's possible to creep into the PL next month either by a decent result or 2 or by getting in the back door as some that play in this league will not meet the criteria.

I've read before and I've also stated that results orientated goals are wrong but I'm under no pressure. It's an aspiration, not a requirement.

Heads Up Game

Although there are many aspects of my game that are good, there's always room for improvement. One aspect is my heads up game. I seem to be making too many mistakes, not playing position well, wrong bet sizing and maybe too tight or loose at the wrong times. To fix this will require me examining the fundamentals, I'll look over stats, watch some training videos and maybe ask for a bit of help on the forum.

Training Video's

I also aim to watch at least one video a week. Last night I watched a Holdem Manager video about the Opponents tab of the software. I've only scratched the surface with HEM and I'm still not getting full use out of it.

Learn by Teaching

I love blogging but by putting my thoughts on the screen I also learn. I may not be always right and it's been the times I've been corrected when I was wrong that I've learnt the most. I aim to blog at least every fortnight and put my thought for all to read.


ICM (Independant Chip Model) is a critical part of winning in this game. It's the value of your chips in relation to the prizes. It gives you a value to your hand strength. Sometimes it is correct to fold AA pre flop while call 72o in other spots. While these are 2 extreme cases, it's the marginal spots in between. I've tried out some ICM software and it is of use but I don't know fully how to use it. I'll set 2017 to learn how to use it and maybe purchase some software (although there is free versions I can use.)


I've thought about Twitching myself but I have a strong Belfast accent and I'm not sure my ugly gub is fit for PG status but I know that I would make less mistakes as I wouldn't want to look the fool. My current PC is not up to streaming standards but I've recently bought a laptop which may work. We'll see but don't hold your breath.

Table Select

I rant on about table selection and in MTTs you don't have much choice but I think table selection is by far the most critical part of profiting in this game. On Pokerstars I colour code everybody and I'll keep doing that but I'll also try and practice what I preach by avoiding the regs and table selecting more carefully. On my other sites it's not an issue but on Stars it's the difference between decent profit and making a loss.

That's about it. I think I should make a profit in 2017 if I do the above but it's important to continually working on your game and staying ahead of the field.