I don't deposit on any site, well when I say that, it's not necessarily true. You see I don't net deposit but I do take advantage of whatever I can from a site.

Stars has never been great for freerolls, added money and overlays but it does offer some sweet re-deposit deals. This month has seen the Beat the Clock promotion, deposit £13/ $15 and get $5 worth of tickets.

That's a lot of free tickets for such a small deposit.

I played my 5 games and managed to cash for $2.86 and $4.80 in 2 games (and lose the other 3). In total I've profited $7.66 or around £5GBP.

Now I've completed the deal, I'll wait a few days (as per deposit terms) and withdraw £20. I always withdraw a little more than I deposit and I'll re-use the money for the next promotion.

Verdict on Beat the Clock

I hate them!

There's so much gambling involved and final prizes aren't huge. I won't be playing these regularly but as a guide I played a shove or fold game and only limped in BB if I had rags and it was limped into me. I shoved mostly strong hands, top 10% in position and a bit tighter in other positions and I used the clock. I never auto folded and always timed my clock down as far as it would go.

There may be an argument for playing more hands but the premiums will still come out at the same rate and I feel you'll just pay more blinds. When I got a stack I protected it by letting the clock run down. You get nothing when you're out so tournament life means everything. The aim isn't to win, it's to make the game last 5 minutes while accumulating as much chips as you can.

I'll be sticking with SnGs and MTTs. I've safely stayed in the Premier League and I've increased my bankroll by $25 this month. I'm also now Chrome Star so things are looking up.

Until next time