A Holdem Manager (HEM) post here.


If you don't know what HEM is, it's tracking software that records all your and your opponents hands and can help you work out leaks in your game. It also has the benefit of giving you a Heads Up Display (HUD) but it's plugging those leaks that a newbie should consider before trying to understand the HUD (I wish I'd have done this first.)

There are many reports and graphs you can look at. If you haven't already tried it, wait until you've saved at least 1,000 hands and then you can get some meaningful stats. The more hands you have, the more information you glean. Also remember that a folded hand is a useful stat so don't wait until you've seen 1,000 showdowns until you try this.

$100 may seem expensive but I can assure you, it's paid for itself over and over again and is by far the best investment I've made. If you manage to get lucky or win something decent then I suggest you buy this, you won't regret it.


As mentioned, there are many reports but I feel stats by position is the most important one.

Below is my SnG stats for this year although I've hidden the actual stats by position numbers (too much information to give away but I'd assume any decent TAG would have similar stats)


I'm actually quite pleased with all that green because it's quite normal to be losing chips in the blinds and early positions.

What you should look at with a small sample is a progression of playing the least amount of hands in early positions and most amount of hands on the button. As can be seen by net chips won, this is also the position where I win most chips.


I can't stress this point enough, the button is by far the most important position in the game. You should be playing a far wider range on the button than early position. ATo is a prime example, it's a net loser for me early position and a massive winner for me on the button. I just fold ATo when I'm early to act and the blinds are low and I raise with it on the button. This stat is useful whether your a cash, tournament or STT player.

One position to work on and I must admit I haven't done it in a while is in the blinds. It's far too easy completing the small blind with hands like J2s because you get a massive price. The plain truth is these are losing hands overall even in position and they get you into so much trouble. I raelly need to delve into these positions more as even fixing minor leaks will help that bottom line.


If you haven't already tried it, give HEM or Poker Tracker a try. If you don't know what to look out for then ask for help on the forum. I'm sure someone like me would look over your stats and point you to possible fixes. We all make mistakes BTW but it's those that make the least that win in this game.

Until next week.



After some very useful feedback from JWK I've added the EV adjusted stat: