When I first started playing, I tried all forms of poker. I remember one of the early days and losing £50 on someone chasing and hitting a gutshot which put me off cash for life. I only had a low bankroll at the time which was long before I had bankroll management skills but it scarred me for life and put me off cash.

I also wasn't a great tournament player. I've improved massively thanks to this and other sites but tournaments can be hit and miss. You can go long spells playing perfect in tournaments and winning nothing. In winning and losing streaks I've went 32 games before without a win, despite having a 12% ROI.

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I've swayed however towards Sit and Go's, both full ring and 6 max. I learned early on that the key to a SnG is to play a tight aggressive game, this is the style that Pokerschoolonline will teach you if you follow many of the recommended videos.

First of all a caveat. I'm good at what I do but I still make loads of mistakes. I can destroy micro stakes but there are players that would eat me alive (and some players do). I win money not by my own brilliance but because my opponents make more mistakes than me. I kick myself at times but poker is just one big long term session and I try to improve whenever I can.

This list is by no means exhaustive, I see many more things that players do and I also don't want to give away my whole game but here are 6 things I see at micro stakes that may improve your game.


If I'm honest, I don't practice this much. When I have trouble with a player, I look into their stats and find leaks in their game to exploit but I've said many times that TABLE SELECTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE YOUR ROI. You can be the 6th best player in the World and lose money if you sit with the 5 players that are better than you.

Look that the lobby and identify the regs. Tag them and avoid tables full of them. You may be the best player but you will not profit long term if you play them regularly. Avoid tables that have more than 3 regs in a game and ideally you should be the only reg.


I see this all the time. Players over value hands like AKs. Make no mistake, AKs is a great hand, I love it but you don't win a STT in the first hand. By all means, raise and re-raise and try and win the hand pre flop without a showdown but don't get into coinflips with it. In cash you most certainly can go broke and reload but in a STT your tournament means everything. Don't be shy on folding this hand if you don't hit and you feel your opponent has.


Lets face it, there's no fun in folding but if your card dead you don't need to make things happen. Just keep folding until you either find a premium or go short enough until you find a shove hand. A regular STT will have over 100 hands, this is plenty of time to pick and chose what you play. Don't get married to suited hands, suitedness only improves your holding by around 2% but hands like K2s will get you into so much trouble on a Kxx board.


This is sort of tied into the point above. Players regularly try and get into the pot cheap and then get caught when they call down with top pair bad kicker. Just as damaging is raising with weak holdings, many players play A3o as if it were the nuts but then get into trouble when they are out kicked or crushed by a stronger range.


This is a biggie that again can be tied to bad hand selection. Players love suited cards but then spew loads of chips chasing flush draws without odds. Remember you don't get direct odds to a big bet, by a big bet I mean anything over 1/2 of the pot. This is a rough estimate because there is a thing called implied odds but I usually keep my bet sizing between 1/2 to 2/3rds of the pot. I even use the pot bet to particularly bad players, they think of the chips compared to their stack and not in relation to the pot.


There is a thing called ICM (Independant chip model), without going into the full details (and I don't understand it all fully myself) but this is important when it comes to cashing. If you play in a MTT then it make a lot of sense to play for the win, most of the cash is in the first 3 places. In a STT it's different. You really want to play for the min cash and win the tournament afterwards. I'm not suggesting you fold or limp your way but in certain circumstances it's correct to fold AA to get to a min cash. Every situation is independant but working on your bubble play will improve your ROI massively.

I can think of a load of others but if you apply those 6 then you will see improvements.


I got my ticket to the Premier League but one thing I did do was check previous months results to see who is playing in the league. I know there are some very good players so I've tagged some of them and know they will be decent when I come up against them. I've yet to play a Premier League game but I will do and also earn 150VPPs this month to improve my possible prize for next month should I remain in it.

Good luck at the tables