I used to post here a lot, you can see this from my past blogs. I like the community and PSO has certainly plugged a few leaks either by my own questions or sometimes just a nugget found on Arty Smokes or Royal Raiser's excellent articles. It was interactions with Chillipops however on Twitter that prompted my return.

I only play a handful of games on Pokerstars nowadays but I thought I'd give something back to the community that has been most helpful to me. I may not be the best but I do make a healthy profit due to a few key reasons. I'd like to share some of those ingredients over the coming weeks and months and maybe win a couple of Big Bang tickets along the way. In turn I'd like to improve my own game. I'm 12 years playing online and still learn something new most days. I'm not a pro but the game has been good to me. As Mike Sextan says, "It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master"

I'm a SnG specialist, I play 12 man SnGs on another site but most of these concepts can be used for all types of STT/ MTT, not so much cash games. The 12 man games pay out top 4 places have a higher rake but in return offer a €2,000 Jackpot for winning 4 in a row. I've hit the Jackpot once this year and once last year. It's not as easy as it sounds as variance plays a certain part in these games and I also make mistakes. I'm making money in these games despite the high rake but it's not that game where I make my biggest profits.

I also play low field MTTs on a certain site which I'm crushing . Below is this years graph that needs a little explaination as it's not my true graph but neither is any tracking sites graph.

That graph looks great but includes a few €100 satellite wins. I own the small stakes version of Holdem Manager that doesn't include using these tickets so my graph should be lower. On the other hand it doesn't include rakeback, bonuses, free tickets or my €2k jackpot so my ROI is actually much higher. Needless to say I've done OK this year and it's due to a few reasons.

Table selection.

Added tournaments and guarantees

Playing the table and the player

Multi tabling

Get to know your opponents inside and out

Changing gears


Hand selection and table position

Using tracking software

Using a HUD

Bet sizing

Odds and outs

Every hand tells a story

Balancing ranges

Bubble play

Heads up play

Shove spots

Mental game

I can think of others, this list is not exhaustive.

Some of these concepts I'm pretty good at, others I will use this blog to improve my own game. Please feel free to ask questions and give feedback. Some of my greatest AHA moments have come from someone elses posts so it's a 2 way street.

Hopefully someone will get a nugget from me as I certainly did by reading other peoples blogs.

Until part 1, good luck at the tables.