I started the month on fire but ended on a whimper. For the first time in a long time, the mental game kicked in. I started making stupid mistakes, changing my game and this is reflected in my results.

This is the prettiest graph I could find  and for all sites but my profit graph is similar. There are a few plusses despite my negativity but a lot of it is due to luck rather than playing well.


I'm almost certain to get into the Premier League. This was my number one aim this year. My current rank is 130 and with 24 hours to go, I can't see me dropping 70 places. Of all my games played on Pokerstars, I've profited the most from this game. OK net profits are only $50 but I haven't a large balance on Stars and it's really helped me playing micro stakes.

Deep Stack tourneys are my preferred format. I only played a couple of these but I realise, at micro stakes they are the format where I should be playing the most. The deeper the game, the more mistakes can be made and as I've said, I win money by making less mistakes. My biggest tracked cash on Stars is only $150 which was a deep stack. My only caveat about deep stacks is they last ages and at times they can be like playing football on a pitch covered in treacle.


I'm making some stupid if not horrendous mistakes.

I'm playing a laggy game and liking A9o here. The table is ultra tight except for villain. Villain is loose passive pre flop and aggressive post flop, my pre flop range certainly beats his. I'm fine by all of this information. It's the snap call that's spewy. His over shove is a donk play because 9 times out of 10 he'll only get called by better. I know he made a mistake but I just multiplied it by making the call. The mistake was definitely on my part. It's an easy fold but that snap call cost me my game.

I'm making a loss in STTs. I've played around 40 turbo 6 max STTs. I think my game is OK in these but the luck adjusted winnings is not in my favour. Too often I'm getting my chips in ahead and losing to lesser hands. This is nothing I have control over and I'm OK with this part of my game. It's only around -$5 so I'm not that worried about it. These games are reg infested but as always, there are good and bad regs in these games.

I've only generated a handful of VPPs. This won't help me if I place high in the Premier League. I've enough for a low prize but won't make the 150 required for a high one.


Consolidate my place in the Premier League. I've done the hard part, I've reached my goal for Pokerstars. The easy part is now staying there but as I've learned in the past this is not always that easy! I've never gave this tourney any respect before so my aim is to gain enough points this month to stay in it. If I fall below a certain level then I must play, play and play some more and gain those points. I'm not worried about a prize this month, my low VPPs will make it insignifiicant but I must stay there. This has to be my number one aim.

Gain 150 VPPs for a high prize. Easier said than done. Most of my volume and higher stakes is elsewhere. I'm making a small but decent weekly profit playing in games where the stakes are higher but far softer than Stars. Playing Deep Stack/ Slow structures won't get me my 5 VPPs per day required. I must find a way to generate the VPPs but that doesn't affect my profits elsewhere.

I might still play the Premier League Qualifiers. I don't need to qualify but I think their a really soft game. 45, 90 and 180 SnGs are reg filled but the Premier League Qualifiers are mainly average and bad players wanting to take a shot. Most games have far less than 300 runners and small field tourneys really suit my game. The bottom line is it's all about the profits.


I've gave myself a C+ for January. I've made a profit but it was all at the start of the month. I've made some really bad mistakes but I'm aware of them. I think my overall game is OK, mainly due to tweaks made thanks to PSO. I can still improve and I will do by attending some training/ reading/ participating in PSO.

I must do better.

Good luck at the tables.