Hi all, hope you had a great XMas day and a good year at the tables. I certainly did but unfortunately very little of it was at Pokerstars.

My biggest cash of the year was a €2k "Jackpot" win for winning 4 consecutive 12 man SnGs on another site. I've never been a great cash player, I hate the volatility and the monotone speed. SnGs and MTTs on the other hand require changing gears which is a skill in itself so I specialise in this format and have roughly a 12% ROI in my SnG game. I think my skills really helped me and I play these Jackpot games because they are filled with many whales.

Unfortunately my volume elsewhere made me abandon Pokerstars. I'm playing $1 - $5 games on Stars but playing €2 - €20 on my other sites so it doesn't make sense staying here where my stakes and profits elsewhere are far higher.

It hasn't been a great year on Stars but I still finished with a profit. I built my current PC in May with Poker funds and I lost a lot of hand histories so I can't give my Holdem Manager graph but below is my Sharkscope graph, filtered for the current year.

It shows a whopping $52 profit in just over 1,000 games but as usual Sharkscope doesn't tell the full story and my cashes were a bit higher than this. I remember winning the Pokercast game for over $100 and cashing in a few other private games but I know my totals were less than $1,000 and my net withdrawals were several hundred GBP.

On that graph is $152 win which is my highest ever tracked Sharkscope score. Not impressive considering I've nearly 10,000 games tracked on the site. If it weren't for that score, my Sharkscope would be negative which I'm not happy about so I'll try my best to improve that score next year.

 I aimed for 10,000 VPPs this year but created just over 1,000. I realised early in the year that aiming for VPPs is not the way to make money. Improving my game,  learning and playing quality poker means much more to my bottom line as I proved with my big win where I had just 4 tables open to win all 4. Small mistakes mount up with more tables open so improving my game is much more important. In saying that 4 tabling is pretty standard for me now.

I had a few AHA moments during the year. I'm 12 years playing and pretty experienced but I'm still on a learning curve. It may seem strange that a game of 7 cards isn't solved yet but it's so complex and much harder than a game of Chess.

I plugged a major leak where I was folding to donk bets. I usually play it ABC against bad players so I was raising with strong pre flop hands but I was folding far to much to donk bets on boards I missed. Even to min donk bets which was a major leak. I've plugged that now.

I also CBet too much, I wasn't really taking in board textures and CBetting on all board types. I now realise it's all about ranges and what my opponent could have. I'm slowly getting there and ranging my opponents much better. A reg will have a much tighter range than a calling station will so CBetting isn't always effective.

I had a 45 man game analysed by a pro which was a real eye opener. I played pretty well and won it but there was still a lot of room for improvement. What the analysis done was put my thinking onto a whole new level.

It's a never ending process of identifying and plugging leaks, even small leaks costs you chips if you play enough hands.

My game also varied between different formats. I'm still unclear what I should be playing. I've said before that game selection is the most important thing you can do to help your winrate. I still stand by that statement. Picking the right game wins you money. Make less mistakes than your opponents and play players with less ability than yourself.

6 Max has many decent regs so I'm erring towards bigger field games. The only problem is that higher field games have higher variance. In that respect Jared Tendlar has helped me plug my mental game. I still have some mental issues but I can honestly say this isn't my number one problem which a year ago it was.

My MTT game has improved massively but big field tourneys cashes have eluded me. Medium field games I seem to do OK but I still play hypers, Limit games and every format under the Sun at some stages. I really should find a format and stick to it.

Overall, with the €2k win my year has been my best ever but on Pokertstars it's been a whimper. I built my PC, took my wife to Prague, bought a used car all with poker funds amongst other things. I'm playing the best poker of my life but there's still room for improvement.

 started Reading the Jared's 2nd book but I think I'd benefit better reading the first version first. I also recieved Chris Moorman's Book of Poker which was the best present ever. Chris is the most succesfull SnG player ever and he plays pretty much the same format as me so it's a real gem of a book. I plan to read this and also both of Jareds books in the new year but I'll detail where I want to go in 2015 in my next blog.

Good luck at the tables.