Sorry for no particiapation on the PSO or blogs but I've more or less moved away from Pokerstars and I just play one or two games here weekly. My game has changed (again) for the better and my series on colour coding has changed (again) so last weeks news is old news.

I can thank the PSO for changing my game for the better. It turned me from a winning player stuck in a rut to an inspired poker player playing some of the best poker of my life. I feel however that the PSO is a beginners site and it can only take me so far. I have to move to the next level so I've more or less left the PSO.

Since my last post I've had one decent win on Pokerstars, a first place in the Pokercast:

I upgraded my PC with new memory and an SSD HDD.

That's not my sick brag though.

I played live on Friday. I've stated before I'm not a particularly good live player and it was the first time I played live since my IPO jaunt to Dublin. I made an ICM re-shove with 5 BBs with A2o from a good LAG player but he had 99 and I walked home telling myself I was a far better online player than I was live. Truth was I should have folded because he made the same bet sizing raise when he was strong twice before while min raised other hands.

On a rival site they have €2 Jackpot Sit and Go's. I don't play them for the Jackpot but more because they are good rake generators and there is a generous €18 bonus for playing approximately €28 in rake. The bonus is paid out in the form of a £15 bet but I Matched Betting and I can earn around €15 from each free bet. This equates to 50% rakeback and with other promotions it's an offer that can't be beat unless I were to hit Supernova Elite.

They are also whale filled and as I said before MANY times, we don't win money by being so good but by the mistakes our opponents make.

I normally 6-10 table but I wasn't in particularly good form so I opened up just 4. Forty five minutes later I had won all 4. I made very few mistakes, I had some lucky cards and I won almost every flip which always helps. It also came with a jackpot. Win 4 in a row and there's a €2,000 bonus.

My wife will get a nice holiday and my grown up kids are getting a nice bonus.

Here's another sick thing. If you Sharkscope my username you'll see that I'm a losing donk. -8% and a nice steady graph downwards. It doesn't tell the whole story though. I'm a freeroller on this site and many of the games played were free tiickets awarded for participating on social media.

To the savvy player that uses Sharkscope, I'm just your average donk that makes a loss. Maybe if they counted site specific private games and this €2k bonus it might tell a different story I use Sharkscope myself on players I'm unsure of but Sharkscope doesn't tell the whole story - a player might be a steady loser and make a steady living from being SNE. Read into stats with the caveat that they don't tell the whole story.

I'll still play the odd game on Pokerstars, I play the Pokercast every week which is about the best value on the site (Google is your friend if you don't know what it is). I also won't get carried away on this other site. I'll still keep playing these €2 sit and go's along with other freerolls and promotions that the site offers.

Sorry for the hiatus, I'll still post from time to time but unfortunately Pokerstars is not my site of choice anymore.

Until next time, good luck at the tables.