Some were very quick to dis these tournaments on RoyalRaise85's thread but I thought out of the box and realised these could be a good source of income for a STT player.


For those uninitiated Flipout Tournaments combine the luck of a coinflip with the skill of a STT. As such it rewards the poor players who don't normally reach final tables but can reward a more skillfull player when he gets there. The only luck you need is getting by the flip stages but when you're there the benefits far outweigh the cons.


In a 81 man game, 9 players have 2 tokens each worth 500 chips. Every player is all in until the tokens are used and there is only 1 winner. The winner of each table then progresses to a 9 man final table where the game then reverts to a normal STT. As you have a 9/1 chance of progressing  the effective buy in is really $4.95 because on average you need to play 9 games to reach 1 final table. You can also buy up to 2 times in these games so the effective buy in then becomes $2.47. As each Flipout tournament only starts every 10 or 15 minutes, I recommend the latter for your buy in.

This is the first point to remember because to profit in these you must play for the long term and it's important to note how much we are spending to cash in each tournament. As a minimum bankroll I'd suggest 20 buy in's or $11 to begin with which should gain you 2 final tables to establish a bankroll but 100 or more buy ins is more than enough to keep you ticking over at any level.

Next comes the final table STT. This is where the skill comes in and suit A MORE SKILLFULL PLAYER.

One thing I don't like about Pokerstars is there are decent players at every level and on most tables. I've blogged about table selection and I think table selection is the single most important thing you can do that will help your win rate. You don't want to play with good players because lets be frank, it's the bad players that pay our way in the game. Unfortunately STTs (not MTT SnGs) are a pretty much solved form of poker and most decent regs know how to play them. As such profits get squeezed further and further as more people learn how to play these and profits are becomeing harder to find.

The good news is that these Flippament tournaments reward the bad players in the luck stages and as such there are quite a few that reach these final tables. I've found a pot pouri of players in these, some decent but most bad. You just have to adapt to each player and the table as a whole.


This is important to note. You start each STT with 9000 chips but are 45 BBs deep, this might not seem a lot but it becomes more relevent for the later stages. Time and time again I see players getting KO'd in the first 10 hands of these, you can literally sit out for the first 10 minutes and ladder up 2 or 3 places. It pays to be tight early in these.

These games can also last over 200 hands and 2 hours so if you do play be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to wade through the bad players. Ladder up when you get a chance and pick off bad players with your stronger holding. The LAG whales usually build a quick stack in these but you can be patient. You are always deep in these and have many chances to pick them off.


Do the maths, if you buy in for 55c then you have to spend $4.95 before you reach 1 final table. 3rd place pays $5.78 so if we comfortably ladder up as high as possible in every game we will end up in profit long term in these. Of course this isn't set in stone, if we win one then we can afford a few 6ths and 7ths. The important thing is to rememebr we need to finish as high as possible because final tables don't happen that often.


At the $2 level, 36 players enter 4 x 9 man tables with only the top 4 making a final table, this makes for a very top heavy structure but the same bankroll requirements are needed and also a good 4 handed game (something I'll need to work on.)

In a MTT in Flipout form all players flipout until the payout stages where it reverts to a normal full ring MTT structure



Good points:

These suit a skilled player

Slow deep structures suit a patient approach

Not always regs at every final table

Plenty of fish play because they think it rewards them

good source of income

You are playing higher stakes for a low amount

Bad points:

Flipout stages are pure luck

You need a deep enough bankroll to take the swings

Games don't start quick enough so profits don't come as quick

Holdem Manager doesn't track the flipout stages (yet) so it's hard to keep records (I use Sharkscope)

You can follow my progress on these on this thread.


I played these Flipadonk games for a few days, took a break and then went back to them. I played other site's and games as I waited for Flipouts to fill. The most final tables I had  at the same time has been 4 which for someone who can now handle 10+ is a waste of resources.

Results to date for Flippadonk Tourneys, most of this graph and all of the profit have came from these games:


I also played a few (200+) Hypers and while things started well, they ended badly and the luck side of the game hit me hard. I ended up dropping $30 although my luck adjusted winnings should have had me well in profit. I'm sure I bad a few bad calls/ shoves I can't handle the mental anguish of these tournaments and I must work on that aspect of my game. Hats off to anyone who plays these for a living.

I grinded Jackpot SnGs on another site. I may hit the jackpot someday but their higher rake and I get rakeback, I can also tick over a nice profit in these even with the high rake. There are many more whales in these than anything on Pokerstars but as I keep saying but never achieving, Pokerstars is where I'll have to be at if I want to make it in this game.

Until next time, good luck at the tables.