I've just had one but in a sense it's done my bankroll the world of good. It also gave me more time to contemplate the game and watch a bit of training material. I also went back to trying to teach myself Android Programming of which I've failed miserably over the last few years.


While I'm still hopeless at programming, my bankroll has certainly improved mainly thanks to the Pokercast game last Sunday where I finished a respectable 2nd:

Remember my crying about my biggest tracked win being only $60 odd on Sharkscope. Here's more proof that Sharkscope doesn't always tell the whole story and overall I'm in profit on Pokerstars from MTTs only. I know this for a fact as I've won the Pokercast twice before for $150+ and I won the PSOSP for $300. All untracked of course by Sharkscope.

I learnt Badugi rules as I played last week and I played the Micro Millions Badugi and had a deep run for $11. I was 7th in the game when we passed the money bubble but I had a melt down for my exit hand. Not believing a LAG had a decent hand while also chasing and missing a strong Badugi myself. Isn't it strange however that we tend to enjoy a game when we have success at it?

I tried some Limit cash Badugi after this and dropped a few $$$ but I've whetted my appetite for it and I'll play it again, maybe reading up a bit of strategy before I tackle it again.

This gave me a tight bankroll where I could take a stab at full ring $3.50 STTs but I failed miserably winning just 1 and failing to cash in the other 8.

I contemplated the results. I'm unhappy with that even with such a small sample, I know a few spots where I made costly mistakes and lost a few critical flips but I think the real reason I lost was because all the games where such reg infested.

Looking through all 8 games there where no blue whales, all games had TAGs, LAGs and rocks in them. I've said before in my blog TABLE SELECTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT CAN HELP YOUR WINRATE. I did table select to a certain extent in these games and I only joined tables where I seen a small number of multi tablers. I avoided the same players in multiple games as a decent reg will make your life a misery but I don't have a massive amount of stats on players in these games and most of the players were new to me.

This is a disadvantage. While I might be one of the better players, if there are 3 or 4 players of a similar standard then is a dog fight when it becomes 5 handed for the top 3 spots. Unfortunately I lost my wars around this stage in most of my games.

Royal Raiser made an interesting post on the forum about Pokerstars remaining Poker only. I posted my response that it's a bad thing but thinking again I don't think it would change things if they were to introduce side games like Roulette. Players play here because they like Poker. Pokerstars marketing is so good and they run great promotions that people keep depositing hoping for the big win. People don't play here to play side games, they play here to play poker.

This is the direct opposite of the other poker site's I play. I think I've mentioned I play the majority of my poker elsewhere. I play on sites where poker is not their main business. It's just a sideline just like the sidegames would be to Pokerstars. As such there are many more fishier players and at far higher stakes. A €10 game on my other sites is roughly the same standard as a $1.50 game here. I don't want to play good players TBH, I like the fish. It's the fish that keep me in profit.

I'm going to move back to limit and non standard games for a week. I'm not an expert but playing a STT or MTT requires the same processes to win as it does in NL. There are many more whales in these and a HUD doesn't always work in some games. Without a HUD many players are naked and just can't play. Most of my Sharkscope graph was built in Limit games and most of my success on Pokerstars has been through non standard games.

(Sharkscope chart filtered for STTs only)

I've a decent bankroll for $1.50 but not enough for $3.50 but I'll have a blast at both levels and see how I get on. I'll try a few non standard STTs like Badugi and report back in a week.

Sorry for no strategy this week but I'll continue my player types next week. One thing I will mention about my strategy posts and I think I'll make this point on every one I do from now on. This is how I see the game.

I'm mostly self taught and made tweaks when I see or read about interesting spots where others play it different from me. I do what works for me but it may not be the standard or a recommended way for you. Take my posts in the overall picture of the game. If you find something useful from what I post then I've achieved my aims. I know my place in the Poker World, you don't have to be the best to make a profit, just better than the villains you play.

Do what works for you, there's no one right way to play the game (although defintely there is a wrong way!)

Until next time, good luck at the tables