In a Sit and Go it's not always easy stereotyping players. Players can (and should) change according to blind structure/ number of players, table aggression etc. so classifying players by a colour should only be a rough indication of what type of player they are.

In saying that, everyone has tendencies and mistakes they make especially at micro stakes. I know I make a load of mistakes (every day) and I'm sure I give away tells that I'm unaware of but that good players can exploit me for. Thankfully the majority of my opponents make more mistakes than me and it's these mistakes that make me a profitable player.

One type of player is the Loose Passive/ Aggressive. They like to see a lot of flops by limping and then ramp up the aggression post flop when they catch any part of the flop or even a bluff. Their wide range is usually their downfall and it's another easy type to play against but can be so frustrating when they catch their miracle cards.

K8s is a Loose Passive/ Aggressive.

I have a wide range for these players. I usually tag players that have anything over 20% VPiP, a low PFR <5% and an AggF of >2

I use the same stats for full ring and 6 max (which I really shouldn't).

When we plug those VPiP numbers into Pokerstove we get this sort of range.

We should note, we don't need to put villains on a specific hand. Just understand the range of hands they could play and how likely they are to hit the flop with the flops board texture.

Their downfall is playing such a weak range and being too aggressive when they see a flop. We should tighten our range and punish them when we hit but also be aware that if we miss a flop then we mustn't chase with our holdings.

Value town them with top pair, even bottom pair if the board texture suits us. They will chase with weak holdings and pay us chips long term. These players are a good source for gaining chips so exploit them whenever you can.


I'm really only playing the minimum on Pokerstars to gain some benefits. I opted into the Simple Mission week and I should reach the 30VPPs later. I could have opted into the higher prize pool but I think there will be less players in the Simple tournament than the other 2 choices so I'll have a better chance of winning something. I've had no luck in these lotteries before and only scooped a min cash on a few occasions but if your not in you can't win.

I've made a few cents on Pokerstars but I find even at $1.50STTs the opposition is much tougher than I find at $5 and $10 elsewhere.

I whinged about my MTT form in my last blog but again I proved I'm OK with small and medium fields by beating 100+ players for a $205 win. I've discovered a nifty program that enables me to play 2 separate skins of a poker network at the same time meaning I can take advantage of several promotions that the different site's offer. It also means I can't use my HUD on one of the skins so I have to play "naked."

It's good pratcice though as it keeps me on my toes for taking notes. I keep copious notes on a lot of players and the win was without using a HUD, just good reading of players and maybe a little luck. I didn't do much else but I'd a decent winning week and all these $100+ scores mount up.

I dropped a few $$$ on my $5 to $10,000 challenge but I emailed a problem I had with the site and they didn't bother contacting me back. The result was around €50 in rake I would have generated so 5 minutes of someones time could have earned them so much more. Guess that's why Pokerstars customer support rocks and they answer even the most trivial things. This is one of the reasons I've never abandoned Pokerstars even though I do most of my playing elsewhere. 

I also completed my KYC process and got a "cashcard" from the site. This means I'll never have to deposit on the site to withdraw any funds. My plan is to take a wage of 50% of all profits when I hit $1k. This will keep me bankroll building but also enjoying some of the rewards. After all if I never withdraw then is there any point playing?

My current balance in my challenge is at $216.

Until next week, good luck at the tables.