I posted last time that table selection can be your biggest earner. There's nothing worse to your winrate when your in a game full of Regs (Regulars that play ABC). To win a STT you need to be a mix of every player type. You've heard it said before that Poker Players play the player and not the cards. Give me AA every day but the above statement is somewhat true.

If you know what your opponent will or won't do then you can take steps to combat this. As in cash, the aim of a STT is to accumulate chips but unlike cash you need to be adaptive, change gears and also vary your starting hand requirements.

I said last time that I keep meaning to write a blog on playing a STT but you need the bigger picture and it will eventually all tie in together. Identifying player types is so key to table selection but also how to play a STT you really need the full story.

About me: I'm an OK micro stakes STT player who never has the bankroll to move higher. I tend to withdraw rather than leave funds to move up the stakes. I've an overall ROI of 12% on Pokerstars mostly played on $1.50 LIMIT STTs. I'm not an especially great Limit player but I do know how a STT works. I make many mistakes but I think by table selecting and making less mistakes I do OK from the game. You can see some of my results at the bottom of the page.


These are a rare breed of player but you do come up against them. Most players make the mistake of playing too many hands but Tight Passives are just too scared to lose but they don't realise it also stops them from winning. Tight passives have a tight starting range usually 10% or less. We can plug these numbers into our good old friend Pokerstove and do a bit of tweaking. This is the range I feel tight passives will play.

Rock Shovetards will also have this range (maybe even tighter) but a Tight Passive likes to limp in but their strong starting range makes them want to see the hand out to the river. They usually call far more than they raise and are hard to shake off their hand unless things are really bad.

AKs for example is a limp in any position but they'll chase unless faced with very heavy betting. Their hand is just too strong to fold.

To combat we can easily increase our starting range. We can literally play any 2 against them, always raising. If they call then we know what we're up against but that doesn't mean we have to give up on our hand. We need to prod and test them and if they show any resistence then keep the pots low. As I said they won't give up on AKs but they also won't give up with AA. If we have Top Pair good kicker we must be aware of this and it's important not to buid  pots for them.

Their downfall is chasing when they know their beat. They spew chips one street too far and overall a Tight Passive will be break even at best. I'm ashamed to say it but I was once a Tight Passive, I used to set mine hands as high as QQ. It did pay off and players wern't expecting QQ when I hit my set but it's also very exploitable. I'd also chase with my QQ on an undercard board and lose to the BB who had flopped 2 pair because I let them in cheap.

Raise and be aggressive with Tight Passives at every opportunity. Be wary of boards and hope to outflop them. If they show any resistence then either give up or keep pots low. Pot control is key but in saying that you shouldn't have too much trouble with these types of players, just don't make the mistakes for them.


I've hardly played on Pokerstars. Just looking at my Sharkscope I haven't made a profit according to my graph in over a year. Saying that I haven't deposited in that time and made a couple of withdrawals (how does that work )

I won a ticket to the Daily $60 and I used it on Monday. This typifies my luck in MTTs on Stars

Villain snap called me and couldn't get his chips in quick enough. It's a frustration but big field MTTs are just not for me, I need to be in the spot where I don't need to flip at this stage and I'll have to look at my overall MTT strategy. I'm making a sizeable loss on Pokerstars in MTTs only saved by my decent play in STTs and MTTs of less than 45.

Eleswhere my good form continues. I joined a certain Poker site because they have a weekly $1k added for $11. I hate spending my own money however and I built from the bottom up. Luckily the site gave me $5 as a head start but by proper bankroll management I played 12c STTs and now am 10 tabling €2 games. From $5 I now have $236 and am bankroll for the $1k added (taking shots is fine.)

I love these types of challenges. It's not my money I'm playing with and now the $1k added will be +EV for me. I'm aiming for $1k next and I can't see myself failing. $10k is more of a challenge but if Chris Ferguson done it then I might be able to also

I'm playing $11 STT elsewhere with a profit so as I said it's senseless me playing $1.50 on Pokerstars when I have the bankroll and skillset elsewhere. I'd a decent £100 3rd place on a site which sets me up for the live game they hold every October. Free money of course.

Easy strategy in poker: chase bad players.

Until next time, good luck at the tables