Hi all,

I must address some of the issues sent to me privately in a follow up blog to Why I think Bankroll is both over and under rated.

I posted this interesting graph

As Arty pointed out and as I was told privately, some of these games towards the end were Super Turbo's and some games where played with only 14 buy ins for that level. This is a very high risk strategy and not for a beginner to contemplate. There is a difference though in differentiating taking shots from Bankroll management. I took shots in these games while adopting a sensiblebankroll strategy.

With $100 now in my account, I'm more than comfortable to play $1 games and I can also play $2 if I keep a close eye on results. I can also take shots at $5 games but that does not mean I can confidently play these stakes. To be playing $5 games I need around 75-100 buy ins and I won't move there totally until I do. This still won't stop me from taking shots while I keep playing $1 and $2 games.

I know I have an overall ROI of 13% on Pokerstars in 8,000 games. I am pretty experienced and am confident I usually won't go more than 6 games without a cash. Knowing your own ability really helps and also playing games where you know your the best player.

It's also important to note that $5 means nothing to me. You must differentiate your poker bankroll from your life roll. If $5 means nothing and you have the ability to redeposit then by adopting an aggressive bankroll we can afford to lose our bankroll safe in the knowledge we can reload and start over. Did you know I started on Pokerstars by depositing $20 and losing it all? I redeposited another $20 and I've never went broke since.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I would go broke with this strategy but I know in no uncertain terms I am totally established on this site in question and I will never go broke. Bankroll management is a 2 way street. I am playing $1 and $2 games but I would drop to 55c games if my balance fell much below $25. Quite simply it will never happen.

Also these are Super Turbos but they are not the same structure as Hyper Turbos on Pokerstars. You start with 40BBs deep which is a decent structure and while the blinds move quickly (every 2 minutes),  a Turbo lasts around 20 minutes compared to 10 minutes on Stars. This gives me much more room to manouvre and also more time for my opponents to cut their own throats.

I also compared myself to Andre Coimbra. He played 100 buy ins throughout but he also played 45+ man MTTs. You need a much deeper bankroll for bigger fields. When I played 45 man games on here (at a 27% ROI) I used a much deeper bankroll than 100 buy ins. Even with a 30% ROI I had spells of 20+ games where I failed to cash. Now Andre is a very skilled player and someone I look up too but he also plays more tables than me and works a lot harder on his game. My Bankroll requirements are totally different to Andre's.

I've done this zero to hero several times over on various sites. It gives me some satisfaction that it's not my money I'm playing with. I've also lifted quite a few $k from poker sites throughout the years and my experience comes from a freeroll background. There is such a thing as a free lunch in Poker.

I know what works for me but if your unsure what works for you then I'd be far more conservative. The general consensus is 100 buy ins for any level but remember if your game is not great then no amount of bankroll management will stop you from going broke. Work on your game first and foremost and your bankroll will take care of itself.

Hope this clears some points up.