I just played a few SnGs and noticed an interesting feature in the latest software update.

It shows if a player is playing on his phone or tablet but how is this a tell?

I can almost assume that my opponent is a casual player that just wants a game of poker on the go. They won't be massively multi tabling, they won't have tracking software, they won't have a HUD and in all likelyhood is just the average Joe that doesn't take the game serious.

Of course there will be exceptions to this - the highly talented Talonchick plays on her tablet but players like Adrienne will be the exceptions to the rule. All in all I suspect there won't be many superstars playing in this format and I'm actually thinking of creating a new colour code for these types and join games where there are many playing.

Stability could also be an issue for them. I know from experience that my internet can and does drop out from time to time.

Is this a new tell? Maybe not a massive one but any exploit is always an advantage.

Any thoughts?