Bit of an indifferent week, I started on fire, broke even for a bit and then lost the plot.


I'm a bit disappointed. My results were reflected by the same sort of graph on all my sites. On one site I had a Sharkscope Gold and Silver Star on their Leaderboards. I've since lost these Stars but because of the similarities in the graph I must put it down to making mistakes  I think I'm making mistakes around the bubble but unfortunately I can't put my finger on it.

I'm back to around even for the week which is frustrating. I'd hoped to have a running start into my VPP challenge but I'm still stuck at $1.50 games. I've had one game at $3.50 but I had to move back down as my bankroll can't take it but I'll take more shots when I've $100+ in my account. I'll move fully to $3.50 when I've $150 and take shots at $7 when I've $350+

I played around 100 SnGs last week which got me 116 VPPs so I'm off target for 10k but I'm not too worried as I know I can produce more volume but also I'll earn more VPPs/ game higher up so I should catch up. The Chrome boost was a small bonus but all these bonuses add up and contribute to your overall ROI.


I reviewed many hands and certain spots I could have played different. I had a calling station heads up and tried to blow him out of the game. Of course he either hit or was miles ahead. I need to cut down my aggression against these types and win bigger pots when I'm strong and lose smaller ones when I'm weak. This is sort of basic but I made the mistake and it was the difference between 1st and 2nd.

I also tweaked my Notecaddy settings to colour code players but I spent 2 hours trying to tweak the settings but still haven't got it sorted. I also listened to a few poker podcasts but not all can be classed as training and I won't include these as part of my schedule.


I mainly played 9 man SnGs for the above graph but this week I switched to 6 man SnGs as I'm playing for a leaderboard on another site in this format. I'll also play a few PSO TCOP but only as a break from my SnGs. I've also the January Big Bang to look forward to. I bubbled the final table once so I'm hoping to go one better. If I do cash anything decent in any MTT I'll use my increased bankroll to move up to $3.50. Training, I hope to catch up on a few PSO or Youtube video's and maybe attend a training session. As usual I'll review in Holdem Manager most times.

Until next week.