I must admit I've had a really good December and a pretty good year all round. I've developed massively as a player mainly due to participating in the PSO. I've tweaked my game for the good and it shows in my ROI.

The green line is profit I've made at the tables. It's a 21% ROI which is very healthy but to add to that I'm playing an average of 28 games per day which (for me) is good volume. I'm not even stretching myself as I know I can put more volume in.

The yellow line is profits + rakeback + bonuses. I play on a few sites but on one site they give me 30% of all rake contributed back. They also ran a site specific rake race, the highest earners get a shaare of a $500 prize pool. I came 3rd the first week, won it the second and should get some cash from this week. As you can see, these added bonuses are doubling my ROI.

Pokerstars is where it's at but there's no value here. In saying that I'd like to increase my volume over both sites. I've been playing 9 man SnGs with a decent win rate. On my other site a 9 man game starts every 15 minutes, on Pokerstars it starts every 30 seconds. For this reason I'm going to play the majority of my SnGs on Pokerstars where I can easily 6-8 table.

MTTs are a different matter. My record sucks on Pokerstars. My biggest tracked win is $60 on Stars but I'm an OK MTT player. The big jump in the line above was a $225 MTT 8th place on the other site. For this reason I think I'll be taking advatage of promotions elsewhere but I may take the odd shot of a bigger guarantee like the $1M Sunday Storm last week.

I like Limit cash games but I think I'll play less this year. I proved I can beat the micro/ low stakes but I made a small loss playing $1/$2 Limit cash. I think the game is much harder at this level and it's just a rake generating machine for the site. I think my strengths lie in SnGs and MTTs.

Jared Tendlar has helped me but not by his answers but by his questions. I've found his questions are just as revealing and I have AHA moments. If you suffer from Mental game issues then you really should check out his posts on the forum.

I think 2014 is going to be a big year for me but I'll have a conservative plan which isn't results orientated.

I'd like to:

Average 20 games per day over a 300 day period, 6,000 in total.

Gain 10,000 VPPs (this is actually a lot but I think it's achievable)

Not cash in any VPPs until next XMas

Play one decent live game (the same €230 buy in game I played this year) but entirely funded by poker.

Keep learning by posting and analysing other players on PSO. Even if I'm wrong, someone usually puts me right.

2014 will be about grinding. I count myself as a semi pro player. I make decent money from the game but I also know that nothing stands still. Games and players evolve. A fish from 3 years ago could very well be a shark nowadays. Joining PSO has reinvigorated me into a new learning process. I've noticed a difference in the last month never mind the year.

If I can achieve the above and end up with a profit then I know it will be a good year.

Happy XMas