I set out my plans a year ago on how I wanted the year to develop. Well one year later I think I've developed massively as a player but still haven't made that breakthrough I think I can achieve in this game.

I never stuck to all my plans during the year. At times I was 12 tabling while at others' I just didn't want to play. I suffered the "Mental Game".

On the plus side, I made a very healthy profit. Way back in February I won a $1400 package to Prague. The game was cancelled and I got the lot as a cash bonus. I'd also quite a few sub $1,000 scores, I built my current PC with a good monitor, I paid for Notecaddy, Notecaddy Edge Packages, I bought my wife a new Settee and I also funded a live game to Dublin, with buy in, transport and spending money entirely financed from poker.

It's been a good year alright but I'm still at micro stakes and while my graph is pretty

I haven't progressed the lower stakes I know I can crush. Every time I've had a decent win on Pokerstars (like the PSOP for $300) I've had to withdraw for something essential and I'm still stuck at the lowest levels.

I'm still at a crossroads with Pokerstars. You see I'm crushing $5 and $10 SnGs on other sites. It was how I paid for my trip to Dublin. I've never had a big win on Stars in over 8,000 games  and my highest tracked win is $60 (all tracking sites don't track gam,es like the Big Bang and PSOP). In 18 Sunday Storm tourneys I've managed to min cash just once. I know that big win will come but it's over 8,000 games and it still hasn't arrived. Guess big field tourneys are just not my specialty but it's now a frustration. Is it me or variance? 8,000 is a big sample.

I'm currently sitting 2nd in a rake race on another site, playing $5 SnGs. This is averaging me a decent "wage" each week and coupled with rakeback it's a money machine. My balance is also much higher and I can take the inevitable swings that. I'm also taking advantage of all their promotions. games actually have an overlay, there are added money games and there are $500 freerolls with less than 100 runners.

The thing is I still love Stars. The software is SO slick and all the tools I use are tailored for Stars first and foremost. The bad side is it's Reg infested. I'm a decent Reg on the other sites but on Stars I'm nothing special. I've worked massively on my game and i can beat Stars OK but the profits are flowing quicker elsewhere.

I have proved however you can build a bankroll from nothing on Stars. I've beat Limit for 7BBs/100. I'm currently beating $1.50 SnGs at a 12% ROI and I feel my game is A+ at the minute.

Jared Tendlar has helped improve my game. My VPiP and PFR have come a lot closer and I'm a TAG Reg that actually knows what he's doing. I've plugged quite a few leaks and I'm a great reader of a player and table even without a HUD. I am happy with my game but I just haven't made the breakthrough.

Pokerstars VIP program is far more generous than any rakeback deal - but only at Supernova and above. I'm miles off SN but I think I could manage it if I could get to $15 SnG level.

I'm still stuck at the crossroads. I'm getting more elsewhere but Stars is where I want to be.