I play a lot of different types of poker. I've floated between Fixed Limit, No Limit, Turbo's, Hyper Turbo's, Stud, 5 Card Draw, Cash and tourney's and I think it's proved really helpful to my game.

Take a STT. If you play a load of these and become proficient at them then reach the final table of a MTT, your STT skills really come into play. All a MTT is, is a load of STTs with a bigger prize at the end. If you're a decent STT player then ICM shove spots are second nature.

I'm currently playing $5 Hyper Turbo's on another site and then running some spots through SnG Wizard. I do make some (many) mistakes but I know I'm better than my opponents and making less mistakes than them.

Variety is the spice of life. Try something different other than NLHE and you will find your NL game will also improve as you explore new variants of the game.


I played like a maniac in last night's Big Bang Tourney and fell just short of the cash. I was stupid for my exit hand but a LAGGY (Loose Aggressive) style is something I aspire too. Everyone was so tight, almost rock like so I took it upon myself to bully the tables, raising hands like J7s in middle position.

Playing LAGGY is not for the faint hearted and I would discourage any begginer from trying it but it can be so much more rewarding. You become difficult to read and you can keep accumulating chips. Some of the best (and worst) players are LAGs and it's something I'd like my image to be.

A LAG that knows what he's doing is a TAGs worst nightmare.


I've only played one Premier League game, I'm ranked 900th and something. I dislike playing this game but I also know there's massive value in it. I'll have to force myself to play a few more and get at least 20 points to cash something.


Good luck at the tables