Here's an important concept if you're a micro stakes player but never seems to get anywhere.

We always dream of the big win but if you apply proper bankroll management then most of the time we are stuck at the same level, generating small profits and mostly giving rake to the poker site but there are times when you should stretch your bankroll and take shots at a higher one. This is not the same as moving to a new level, to do that we need a deep enough bankroll to take any swings.

I take shots every now and again even though I haven't the bankroll to do so. If I've had a decent week at the tables I'll use some of my profits to play the Sunday Storm. I'm nowhere near bankrolled to play $11 games on Stars but the ocasional shot at the Storm gives me a chance to win big (really big). So that's the first time, take a shot with profits made from the site.

Another time to take a shot is if you know most of your opponents. If you colour code or have a fish list (and if you don't then you should do!) and you find a table or STT with many bad players then it's fine to join the game even if it's slightly above your bankroll. You must however drop back to your normal stakes even if you win a lot of money. Only when your bankroll allows you should you move up a level.

Another time is if you see a game with a decent overlay. I play a $22 game on another site every Friday that has $1,000 added and around 100 runners. I'm not bankrolled for this game but the $1k add an extra $10 to your buy in and has so much value. It's definitely +EV me playing it.

Finally you can also take a shot if you get staked. If you know you have the ability but not the bankroll then why not ask for some staking? This can be beneficial for both you and your staker. BTW I never ask to be staked. I don't like being staked but I certainly see the benefits in it. I know one top pro that is staked for a good proportion of his bankroll. He's $300k in profit but the staking cuts down his variance plus he keeps any profits from his VPPs (which are a livable wage alone.)

If you've any further idea's about taking shots, I'd love to hear them.


I was hammered on another site at the start of July so I vowed to start from the bottom up and see if I could build a bankroll from nothing. This is the results:

To any aspiring player. I started at the bottom up, not the other way around. I've proved to myself I can do it from scratch again. I'm going to donate $100 to charity but I want to get that balance to over $500 before I do so.

Good luck at the tables.