I thought I'd give something back because I think my game has improved masively by being part of this site but here are a few tips I've worked out as my game has developed (and is still developing). I'm currently playing 25c/50c with a 4BB/100 win rate . I'm not sure whether this all applies to all stakes but it certainly works for me.

These tips can also be found here if you wan to join the discussion

1. Table selection. Find a table with a high VPiP and high players per flop. This means that pots will be big and have players that like to gamble.

2. Sit to the left of bad players. This is not always possible, sometimes it's more important just get onto a very loose table and we want to be in the game before our opponents blast off all their cash. Arty's blog on position is most important. If you can seat select then do so.

4. Play a TAG style, easier said than done but read up on NL playing styles and apply them to Limit. There is no one correct way to play so it's fine by other styles but if we're at a very loose table then we should tighten our starting range anyway and bet our premiums as hard as we can. We want to charge bad players for our good hands.

4. Be aware of table dynamics. Just as a table may have a high VPiP, as soon as you sit at it and are playing a TAG game then the tables VPiP should drop. But be aware of who the whales are because they are the ones that are keeping the high table VPiP. If they leave and the game tightens up then you should also leave and find a juicier game.

5. Never sit with a low stack, you want sit with enough so that you can max out the betting on every street. Have auto top up enabled so you never start each hand with under this value. I had a player just beat me with AA with 3 Big Bets left in is stack. He could have made much more.

6. Position, Position, Position. Position is everything. Play a lot more from the cut off and button than in any other spot. Hands you might limp early position should be raising with on the button.

7. Build big pots when you're strong, keep pots low when you're not This is how we win money from the game. Build our pots as big as we can when we know we are strong. There's nothing wrong with making deceptive plays but we want to get that pot built as high as we can. Similarly, we want to keep pots low if we're drawing with speculative hands or are unsure of or opponents hand strength.

8. A chip saved is a chip won. I'm guilty on this one but don't make calls just to speculate or for information. If you're behind and you know it then just give up on the hand. Hands like 2 pair on a 4 flushed board with 3 players betting before you will cost you money. Similarly there's no point raising in this spot against 3 if we're last to act because it's highly likely they won't fold a river bet with a low made flush.

There are other things like not to chase without odds etc. but these tips should help you give a head start in FLHE.

Good luck at the tables.