I haven't played the Premier League qualifiers nearly enough over the past few months but there is masive value to be in the league and a good chance of extra cash every month by staying in it.

This month I'd a late run but I'd a decent finish in 8th in my first game and a win in my 3rd. I had a sweat in my final game because I finished early in the tournament and I was a bit worried I would drop too many places and finish outside the top 200.

Provisional results has me in 99th place and I'm confident I will get the invite for July's Premier League.

I've been in the league before for 2 months but I didn't give it the attention it deserved and I got relegated again. This time I plan to stay there and if I've a few bad results then I'll play it more until I'm in a safe enough place again.

I've said before, you don't have to be the best player on Pokerstars to win money. Look for added value like the league and you will do well.


On value, I play the deposit game on Pokerstars and take up any deposit bonuses I can. Last month I deposited £20 to play the Chrome freeroll in which I turned the freeroll money into $10, learning Limit into the bargain. I withdrew £25 again for the next bonus.

This month was the $1M Freeroll so I deposited £40 to meet the conditions winning $10. It's not much but it all mounts up throughout the year. Again I've withdrew £45 and have it waiting for the next bonus. Maybe something to think about if you're micro stakes and be disciplined not to touch the money you deposit.

2 hands from the freeroll:

Thought I played that really well and not sure I could have squeezed much more chips out of opponent.

My exit hand. Opponent was a rock and when he called I thought I was crushed. When he flipped over a raggy A I was well pleased. Guess it wasn't to be. I was pretty much card dead up to this point and the blinds were about to hit me so I'm happy with my shove.


I'm really pleased with my journey in Limit Poker. I wanted to sensible bankroll myself up through stakes but after reading posts on here and 2P2 I jumped straight into 25c/50c and am beating that. I'm now bankrolled for 50c/$1 but I want to play a bit ore volume before moving up stakes.

I really want to be $1/$2 by XMas but I know things change at the level I'm at so I want to get my game right before moving up. I've a current win rate of 4BB/100 at 25c/50c but my results have been swingy, I want to convince myself my game is right before moving up.


This week I plan to continue my Limit games and also play the League if as I expect I get the invite. Roll on the next deposit bonus as well

Good luck at the tables