It's been a while since I updated this blog but in my last blog I was saying how I needed to improve the cash aspect of my game as I think it would improve other aspects of poker including No Limit and MTTs.

I've worked really hard on my game and I think I've learned a lot since I started putting the effort into becoming a better player. I'm still learning but I do think my game has improved a lot which is reflected in my graph measured in Big Blinds.


My last graph was a break even one but this graph has shot right up. Most of this graph is at 2c/4c level where I had a winrate of 8BB/100 - that's pretty good even by NL standards but it was a post on 2P2 that made me move out of the lowest level and move to as high as 50c/$1 (on another site where I have the bankroll to play these stakes)

On Pokerstars I'm playing 10c/20c with a deep enough bankroll so I know I won't go broke. While my winrate has dropped to 4BB/100, that increased stakes means I'm making far bigger profits. I'd really love to be at $1/$2 some day but I want to learn to walk before I can run and by some very helpful posts by Adohole and ArtySmokes, I'll get there by carefully table selecting and choosing my games a bit wiser.

One aspect I'm still unsure of (and I made this point in my last blog) is implied odds. I'll really have to get my head around it. I've some understanding of the concept but I'm not putting it into practice. One such point was a post on 2P2. I used to limp with mid pocket pairs and then throw them away if there was one over card and action on the flop. I was winning with them this way so I didn't think I needed to change anything.

Now I both raise and limp with them and don't give up so easy. The swings are bigger but so are the pots won and my bottom line improves as well.

Little things like this have changed my game and I think it shows.

I've a decent win rate already but when I get my head around other concepts like implied odds, I'll be able to swim in shark infested waters and not feel out of my depth.


I haven't played much of anything else. I dabbled in PLO Zoom and got burnt a few times. I guess Zoom just isn't for me. I also played a few of the PSO games but only min cashed once. I'm a hopeless MTT player on Stars but yet constantly do well elsewhere (3rd in a MTT last night.)  It's maybe a mental issue for me now on Stars where I enter every game thinking I'm not going to do well.


I'm loving the game more and more. For every new thing I learn there are 10 newer things that spring to mind. For such a simple game it is so complex. I've always loved maths and science, I guess Poker fits that bill nicely.

Until next time.