I've always been a semi decent STT player. STTs need a good starting hand selection but also a need to change gears which varies from table to table according to players and blind structure. There's definitely a skill in playing them but there are many decent regs (regulars) that know the structure and play a game that's easy to read but hard to play against. When you're stuck at a table  full of regs it's hard to eek out a profit and it becomes far more critical to play the player, not just an ABC game.

I discovered Limit STTs over a year ago which are full of blue whales (bad players). Playing these has regularly got me a Battle of the Planets Leaderboard place by simply playing my regular STT game. Where it did affect me was at higher levels.

The player pool in Limit STTs is very small and while there are many whales at the lowest level, there are many decent at just one level higher and above. I may have the STT structure down to a tee but I haven't got the Limit aspect of it sorted. For this reason I've taken it upon myself to learn Limit cash and become good at it.

There are small edges in Poker and even smaller edges in Limit. Small mistakes mount up and one call too many can mean the difference between winning and losing. My cash graph this month shows I'm breaking even but I want to change that. (green line is profit line)

I may be a decent STT player but I'm not beating the cash aspect and making mistakes. I think I'm positionally aware, have a good starting hand range and know how to work out odds but I'm still unsure of implied odds and I'm making mistakes somewhere in the game.

If I can fix the cash aspect of my game then my STT game will also improve.

I've emailed a sample of my hand histories to the PSO to be analysed, lets hope they can correct some of my mistakes.


I've came back to Pokerstars after a months hiatus on another site. Sometimes it's good to take a break, clear your head and come back stronger. Mixed results, I've made a profit but nothing Earth shattering. I started off like a house on fire, just missed out on a BOTP leaderboard place and grinded well on cash and STTs.

One thing that is cause for concern is I've never won anything decent MTT wise. I won a MTT on another site during the week elsewhere but I've never made a profit on Pokerstars despite a few hundred attempts. In saying that, a MTT on the other site has 150 runners while a MTT on Stars can have anything up to 15,000 - a 100 fold increase.

This week I plan on playing 100 STTs to try for a high orbit BOTP Leaderboard place. I also plan on analysing my cash stats. With 2,000 hands now I've a workable sample to see spots where I'm making mistakes. I'm also not getting the use out of Notecaddy that I paid for, I'll try and configure it for Limit games. Easier said than done though so this may be a longer term project.

Some day Rodney, some day