Maybe just as well thanks to my latest Sharkscope:

This was on another site. I won a $1400 package to Prague so I left £100 in my account to see what I could spin it up too. Sharkscope however doesn't tell the whole story, I've trebled my actual balance but that graph annoys me somewhat. I'm playing games that have 20% rake which is a lot but I get rakeback plus other promotions.

I could blame it on variance, it's true I haven't had the luck at critical stages of games but I've stopped multi tabling and concentrating on 1 at a time. I know I'll fix my problem and get that graph in the right direction.


I love interacting with others, I know I haven't posted much on the forum in recent weeks but as above I've been playing elsewhere so I don't think it's right me commentating on Pokerstars related things when I don't actually play here. While I give information that can help others, I also glean information that in turn helps my game. When I comment on something and I'm wrong, it's the replies from others that puts me right. In turn I glean something new from the game. I'm by far not the best player on this site but I continually work on my game. I'm always looking to improve.


I played the Freebuy last night thanks to a ticket. I was pretty confident I would win but I played a few hands wrong and then lost a flip at the end. I'll reiew some hands along with my thinking below. I left names up so if you're involved in the hand you might see things from my perspective.

This was my first major pot. Viktor was very loose aggressive, 47%VPiP, 16% PFR and -critical - 5.8 Agg Factor. He min bet flops when he missed or was weak so a check raise here should take the pot down on the flop. My holdings were not the strongest but I figured I was ahead on the flop. The turn card was not a scare card so I still figured I was ahead. River was a great card for me. I could put vktor on a set but things just didn't add up the way he played. I could have flat called his min re-raise but I figured I was miles ahead crushed. I wanted my stack all in at this point.

Maybe a mistake on this one but opponent again was a maniac who loved to bluff and bully. I let him hang himself in this one but I put him on an underpair. Flop of this type really suits me against this type of opponent as if they have a 9 they never ever lead out. I could instantly rule out the 9. I was thinking he had an 88 type of hand that would keep betting in this spot. Again the turn and river suited my AA against a medium pair and only after the hand was finished and he had a flush draw did I realise I should have got the chips in on the flop. In saying that, this type of opponent is never folding on the flop and his chips were always going in.

Normally in a freebuy I never spend any of my own money but at the end of the freebuy period, I had 5,500 chips so I took the add on as I felt I had a really good chance of qualifying.

Moved to my 4th table I thought I'd do a bit of bullying. My steal was valid as I had one sit out and a few rocks to act after me. While my steal was valid, the rest of y play was not. I made a major mistake  here because check-it had a 12% VPiP and a 2% PFR. He's not calling with rags in this hand  His check was suspicious, rocks usually call strong in this spot and lead out on the flopso the alarm bells should have been ringing. I thought his turn bet was weak and I felt I could steal but weak = strong and I should have picked it up. Stupid of my really and I think it was this hand that cost me my tournament.

I hate calling an all in but I feel JJ is just too strong in this spot to give up. I was nowhere near the payout stage so I still had a bit of work to do. I want a double up at this stage and while my opponent was tight aggressive (13%VPiP, 13%PFR) he's shoving weaker than my JJ holdings a good proportion of the time. I'm happy with my call, a double up might have made me to the payouts but in any case in a lot better shape.

I went out the very next hand.

I enjoyed the game, there were a good mix of whales, maniacs, rocks and TAGs and surprisingly very few sit outs. I forgot to join the training to get my next Freebuy ticket though

Until next time, good luck at the tables.