I normally update my blog on a Sunday but heck, I've a few hours to spare. That's because my hard drive crashed yesterday and I've spent all morning re-installing Windows on an old hard drive. I've also had to reinstall Holdem Manager.

Installing that is a long enough process but it's the data I had on my old hard drive that hurts. Thankfully HEM has online back up and I have been using it but I had a backup scheduled for the start of April and never done it. I may have lost a lot of hands, many thousands perhaps. I know I've played 30,000 hands in the last month so I think I've lost that amount at least. I won't know until online back up completes. It's taken 5 hours already and still a load to go.

I've had previous hard drive failures. In the 2 years of owning HEM I think I've lost around 100,000 hands of data. My first time I never backed up at all and lost a load, the second time like now I lost over a months worth of data. Since that time I set a calendar to back up every month but I need slapped because I never followed my reminders.

I now notice HEM has a back up data after every shut down. I'll use that now and probably won't suffer again but the loss of those hands hurts. I know in the past my notes have worked for me so information is critical in this game so I suppose this is a message to all.

BACK UP YOUR DATA, whether it's hand histories, colour codes or notes.


I only played one game on Stars during the week, a $1 MTT. I late reg'ed and made a stupid play which cost me my tournament but while I've been away from Stars for a while it whetted my appetite again and I might have a night of MTTs only on Stars.


My new grinding station is almost complete but I still need a new monitor. I bought a 5 button mouse during the week and hope to use Autohotkey scripts to use the extra buttons to register for games and close tables. I'm not an AHK expert so it may take me a while to write the scripts.

I plan on playing from both my laptop and grinding station, the latter I can give full concentration on.

Until next time.