As I noted in my last 2 blogs, I found a fundamental mistake in my game. it's very exploitable but it was tricky to fix - If I over corrected then it is also a big mistake so it's been a fine line for the past 2 weeks knowing what to do when this situation occurs.

I think I fixed my problem but I also changed my game and lost a few $$$'s. I had an AHA moment though and added my own stats to my HUD as viewed from my opponents. This was another shocker, no mistakes this time but it's surprising how different your image is compared to other players' views. All at the same table, I was a rock to some players, a maniac to others and anything in between to everyone else.

I think image means a lot in poker. I've always used a players image as to how they'll play in the game. Long before I used a HUD I noticed whether a player was loose or tight, what hands they played with and in what positions. A HUD does all this for me now an far more accurate but I count image a lot.

My own image is also important and the reason I think I do so well in the game. I like to potray a tight image but in reality I change gears according to blind levels and opponents but it's my overall image that counts. I'll try and exploit things I know about you but if I think you know something about me then I'll change my game. You might think I'm an easy steal over the blinds when they are low but come higher blind structures I'll win all my chips back - with interest on top. Which brings me back to my Notecaddy badges. I'm exploitable, that's for sure but I've worried too much about them. What matters is my overall game and winning money.

I tweeted last night "#playwinningpoker it doesn't have to be perfect, just profitable."

I think that means so much. I do constantly work on my game, that's good but I don't need to over compensate to get rid of my badges. Just be aware of spots where I was making mistakes in the first place. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my badge but I've stopped making that mistake. I'm no longer exploitable.

As to losing, I downloaded a trial of Sit and Go Wizard to look at my shove spots. I found the program pretty strange, saying I was making mistakes by not shoving hands like 52o when the blinds are pretty high. I started being too aggressive because of it and did shove hands correctly according to that program. While the mathematical reasoning may be correct the program can't understand my opponents mindset. Heads up I shoved J3s correctly and was instantly called by Q3o but the program didn't know I'd been pretty aggressive beforehand and my opponent called because of my aggression.

I haven't ditched the software, it has it's uses but since yesterday I started small balling hands instead of over shoving. I can control pots and play to my strengths, I can also get out of hands and know when to get my chips in. I can climb the payouts instead of risking it all on basically coinflips. I still pot bet, over shove, 3/4 bet and generally mix it up in between but playing off a flop is far more profitable to me when I'm playing players that can't fold.

March in review has been a potpouri of different results. I've lost $$$ overall but gained so much in knowledge. I've so much more to learn as well that gives me so much hope. I played with so much confidence yesterday and it showed. I won one small field MTT, bubbled anoher and los KK v KQs and go my chips in with a flopped straigh only to lose to runner runner middle pair quads. I made very little in he way of mistakes and I'm so happy wih my play.


Oher news, I finally started building my new poker set up. I bought a decent spec motherboard and CPU and aquisitioned an old micro ATX case with a 500 watt PSU. I installed 4GB RAM and a small 160GB cheap hard drive. I've installed Windows 7 onto the machine and have it up and running. I still need a few things to finish it. In the following order I'll buy a decent monitor, see if 4GB RAM is enough, get a SSD Hard Drive and graphics card along with a decent sized Hard Drive. I might also add a DVD Drive and a second monitor. I'm building this specifically for poker so I can play more tables. This was all achieved thanks to my $1400 win a few weeks ago (The wife got a new Sofa as well!)

Until next time

Good luck at the tables.