Last years WBCOOP made me blog regularly and you get at least something from me about twice a month. So instead of a status update, I'll say something about how I came to Pokerstars and how I see the future.

As I mentioned in my first blog on here, I lost my initial deposit by poor bankroll management. I was beating $5.50 elsewhere so I deposited $30 and lost it all. As I had funds tied up on other site's I gave up on Stars and it was only when I recieved a player to player transfer for $30 that I came back. This time I had a bit more sense and proper bankrolled and I've never looked back.

Wayyyyy back then (actually only 2 years ago),  I started by playing $1.10 Double or Nothings and quickly turned $30 into $100. As I'm a semi decent Single Table Tournament (STT) player I played a couple of regular STTs but I quickly noticed that there were many decent players in these and playing a table full of them was not good practice and probably the reason why I lost my initial $30 deposit.

I then found Limit STTs. I'm not a particularly good Limit player but the STT structure means you have to change gears, something my opponents can't do. I've since played 6,000 STTs in this structure at a 13% ROI:

(That graph contains all my results but doesn't include bonuses, VPPs, private games and tickets or added cash.)

I do love Limit type games but the player pool isn't big enough and there are some very decent players at higher stakes so I've recently switched to 45 Man Sit and Go's (SnGs). I'm really happy with my progress in these:


One thing I'm really disappointed with is my losses by playing Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs). I've won many MTTs on other site's and these are by far my biggest ROI's on them but because of the big fields on Stars, a little bad luck and bad play, I just can't turn over a profit. At the start I wasn't bothered but it's getting to me now but I do know that a big win will come.

The best moments far outweigh the disappointments however so my highlights:

My ROI is decent

I've built a bankroll from next to nothing

I won the Pokerstars Invitational for Pokercast Listeners

I won WBCOOP tickets and prizes last year

I've worked through 5 * $50 bonuses from the Pokerstars Invitational

I got a great quality Hoody and Sweatshirt with some VPPs!

I discovered Pokerschoolonline which brought my learning to a new level


To the future!

I think everything is starting to fall into place despite that last little drop in my graph above. I'm now starting to multi table while still playing well. I'm still at micro stakes but I'm tweaking while cramming more tables, when I get it right I'm going to move through the levels and stop when I find my level. Who knows where I will be this time next year but my game has improved no end and a lot of that is thanks to the PSO.

Coming back to Pokerstars HAS been my best moment and 2013 will be MY year.

Look forward to the WBCOOP.