I thought I'd give some sort of a clue on how I multi table. I can play 10 tables at a time although my computer struggles with any more. 

I use use to tile my tables but since the purchase of Notecaddy, I'm now able to stack them. This means more tables and quicker profits. I'm limited to 10 but that's more because my laptop is not up to scratch and not me. I reckon I could easily 20 table. Since last week when I first started using this I've played over 250 games both in Limit STTs (like above) and 45 man SnGs. Mt ROI hasnn't suffered which I'm really happy with, in fact I ended up with a Battle of the Planets High Orbit prize last week.

I use several pieces of software to help me. Without them I definitely couldn't play so many tables and it takes a lot of automation out of the game.

For starters I use Holdem Manager. I only use the 4 stats that come with a HUD and the only other customisation is the addition of Notecaddy Badges which I'll come back too.

As you might notice, HEM tags players according to their style. I have 2 blue whales at this table which is what I want but some of the other players will turn out to be Blue Whales as well as I gather more hands on them.

Next, I detach the notes into the upper right hand corner. I've no time for the chat but I do glean some info from it. Below the chat window is the Notecaddy Caddy Report. Before when I was tiling tables, I liked to watch some hands play out but now with the Caddy Report I can follow the hands and re-watch it at a click of a button. It really means I can concetrate on what is important for me. Notecaddy also does my colour coding for me. I'm still tweaking with the setting and only getting to grips with it. I particularly like the idea of badges.

As you might make out, one of the Blue Whales has a little pair of slippers under his Hem Stats. This tells me he folds to a raise when the flop has an A on it. When you combine his 45% VPiP and PFR you can tell he has a very wide range. Any time an A flops just bet it and he will fold. He will only stay in the hand if he has an A. It's a small but important tell but you can configure badges for just about anything. I could of course hover over my HUD and gather info from there but badges are clear and concise.

Below the Caddy Report is Table Ninja. It is probably the most useful bit of software. I have it configured the way I want, it automatically registers for games, closes them when they finished, click the timebank if needed, sets up my betting according to what the level of blinds are and a host of other features that I really find useful.

Now I titled the thread My "Latest" set up because I'm always tweaking things. Next weeks configuration will robably change as I find new features.

Of course nothing can beat good solid play so if anyone is contemplating multi tabling then get your game right first. I'm pretty experienced but if you have any leaks in your game (and we all have them) then your just multiplying those mistakes up by adding more tables.

I've played 28 games today with ease. A month ago I was lucky if I played 28 in a week.

Good luck at the tables.