January is best forgotton, I started on fire but then tilt got the better of me. I changed my game and started to lose consistently. The problem of tilt is it's hard to put your finger on it. Sometimes you can be playing well and losing but other times you can be playing badly and losing. The bottom line is I kept losing and couldn't do anything about it. In the end I broke even over the month but it's still getting to me as I started so well.

I didn't play much towards the end of the month, instead I juggled some funds and paid for Notecaddy software. I was going to purchase Tableninja but TN is only useful for multi tabling and when I'm playing losing poker it's much more important to work on my game than adding more tables. I really like the badges features of the software, I think it will really help me in those 45 man SnGs and quickly identify several player types I've found in those games. As I said before, identify the regs as they will be the players you come up against most and work out their game. Play the player as well as the table. Notecaddy will pick up the players that get through my net and I can adjust to their playing styles. Poker is a game of small edges and any added information always helps.

I'm going to drop back to Limit STTs but I do plan on playing the 45 man games again. I might also tackle a MTT or 2. I was relly pleased with my play in the $27 TCOOP, losing to a 80/20 bad beat. I'm making a big loss overall in MTTs on Stars but I've won several mid sized fields on other sites so I'm confident my big win will come one day and wipe out all those losses. I think my stats on the 45 man games prove that I'm OK at lower sized fields but I'll just have to work on big field tourneys.

I've no VPP goals this month. Working on my game is more important. I've just wiped my laptop again and reinstalled everything so I'm starting with a clean slate. As usual HEM didn't install itself correctly and my graph is a straight line downwards. I've contacted support but they didn't help me. Starting from scratch is probably my best option.

I might try for the PSO League by playing the Premier League game qualifiers. I tried 3 games last month but finished poorly, you need at least 5 games to qualify so with my poor form I didn't want to spend all month on a losing cause. Still this is a new month so I'll try again. This isn't an important goal but I know from playing in the Premier League before it's a decent promotion and worth trying for.

I played in a Charity Live game last week, my first live in a while. I reached the final table and finished 6th with a standard A5o push on the button short stacked that ran into JJ. To show the standard in this, the small blind flat called 73o and then folded to the BB's reraise, stupidly wasting chips. As a lot of the buy in's were going to charity they only paid 3 places. Happy with my play but I must record the game as -£20 for my live game tracking. I won't play live much this year, probably 1 game a month with maybe a bigger buy in game if I can win a satellite into it. I played a £250 game last year in Dublin thanks to a Poker friend paying my way for a game he couldn't make. I'd like a similar game this year.

Let February's grind begin!

Good luck at the tables.