The Time Vault promotion seems a good one, for anyone who hasn't heard (what planet have you been on) you can find out about it here.


I've started very well in the 45 SnGs and I'm really glad I've made the change from Limit to NL. I thought the more players were in a game, the lower my ROI would be. How wrong I was. My ROI has actually increased and I'm crushing these games. Here is my graph since the start of the year.


You'll notice 2 downturns in that graph, the first one was just variance, I'm fine with that. Bad luck happens you don't always get it your way but the 2nd one was because I changed my game. I was having trouble with an opponent and changed the way I played. I started making too many hero calls.

I studied my results, took a small break to analyse my game but the most important thing was I corrected my mistakes. Sometimes there's a fine line between playing badly and variance and it's not always easy to notice.

My ROI for the year is +25% in 144 games. I'm playing roughly 30 games a night which is what I want. My Holdem Manager was down and I lost a lot of hands so I can't show my graph since I started playing them. Officialpokerrankings has me at +38% ROI for 50 cents games and +35% for $1.50 games. I could aim for a leaderboard place which would be nice but I'd rather move through the levels as I build the bankroll. Profit means more than a shiny badge on a website.

My overall graph on Sharkscope:

Remember Sharkscope doesn't count all games so the above pic doesn't include bonuses and VPP erned money.

I just hit Chrome Star and I'm well on track for Silver Star this month. I've always said I'd like to hit Supernova but staying at a decent ROI is more important.

I'm well on track for all my targets.