After my year end review, I think I'll mention something about my plans for the year ahead.

I really need a new laptop. This thing I'm using is a year and a half old, it was bought specifically for poker from poker funds but I've had nothing but trouble with it. The hard drive failed after a few months, now the earphones socket doesn't work but more annoyingly the network connection has a mind of it's own and fails intermittently. Despite blowing the dust out of it, it now overheats and black screen of deaths at times. It's costing me money as well as chips.

That is number one priority but I want to build a desktop set up with a decent sized monitor that's fast enough to multi table. I think this will be a lot more expensive as the monitor would cost as much as the laptop mentioned above. My reason is to multi table and to find a quiet area away from distractions. This is not essential and will only come out of any poker profits should I make them.

Table Ninja has been so much of a help. From 4 tabling at the start of the year in Limit games, I can now 10+ table with TN and still play my A game. From my move to 45 Man STTs with my trial of TN I'm sitting at a whopping 50% ROI in 400 games. These are only 50 cent games but the profits made alone by using TN has paid for itself so I'm going to withdraw the $60 and pay for the software and stick around the 50c games a bit longer. I've just worked through a $50 bonus and I've another one lined up so basically I'm getting the software for free.

I'm also intersted in the Notebuster software. I'm still unfamiliar with it but I like the idea and I think it woul work well in the games I play. I need instant reads when I've 10 tables going and hovering for more detailed stats would be a ting of the past. I'll keep this in mind for the future.

I think I'll try and work my way up through the 45 man STTs. I know they will get harder, much harder the higher the stakes but I'm starting to understand Holdem Manager and it's stats to exploit the regulars in these games. A player I know of similar ability to myself worked his way quickly through these 45 man games and was crushing. He made $100k 2 years ago and $20k this year. I know I have the ability, I just need the bankroll and the balls.

I'd like to reach Supernova by the end of the year. With the introduction of Chrome Star and the reduction to achieve Silver and Gold I think I can do it. Of course a lot depends on how my profits go. Profit's always beats Star rating. Achieving Supernova is worth around $4,000 in bonuses but $4,000 is no good if I lose $5,000. Profit come before anything else.

I'm 10 tabling the 45 man games in batches of 10. By the time it's final table I've usually 2,3 or 4 games remaining. This means they get my full focus but it also means I can review both bankroll and hand histories after each batch. At this speed I can play 30 games a night but hopefully I can add more tables to my batch and eventually en up with the max of 24 tables on the go at the same time. This will massively increase my FPPs but also hopefully my profits. It's ROI v Profit v FPPs, I will hopefully find out what my right level is.

I'll work off a 100 buy in bankroll to move up but I'll increase that when the games become tougher and the stakes become higher.

I'm not going to play many big field MTTs.  My records are no good in them so I'll be selective if I play any. I hate satelliting into for bigger games so I'd rather just concentrate on the STTs. Cash is the same, I hate the volatility and I do take bad beats to heart especially if it's a full buy in. I'm also going to shy away from Limit games. I really like Limit but the player pools are too small and there are too many unavoidable sharks at higher stakes.

I played one major live game last year down in Dublin. I'd like to also make one this year but it's not essential. I don't think I'm a good live player and I don't like the 10 hour sessions playing them. Still, it's always worth trying to win a spot in one as it's a different game completely from online and also the pub poker I'm used to.

This will hopefully be a breakthrough year, I'm going to work really hard on my game. At the start of last year I was devoting very little time to study, now it makes up around 30% of my time. I think my game has progressed to the next level that I can achieve it.

Good luck at the tables.