It's been a mixed year for me, I've made a profit again but it's only 1/3rd of what I made last year. A lot of my profits have been made elsewhere but as this is a Pokerstars Blog, I'll mainly concentrate on what I've achieved here.

At the start of the year I had aims to move through the stakes in STTs and be at $15 or $30 by now but instead I've just ran around in circles and am still at the same level as a year ago.

I'm an OK STT player, I can read a table and make a constant profit. I discovered 6 Max Limit STTs and found these particularly soft with a lot worse players than NL. I have a 14% overall ROI in these and while I made a nice profit, I was severly restricted in moving up as there are a few decent regulars in these even at the $3.50 stakes. It's -ev playing in these because 6 max only pays 2 places and it makes cashing a lot harder. I did debate challenging the regs but instead I backed down and skimmed off the lowest stakes. There's not a big player pool in Limit so you can't really avoid them. Also because of the lower player pool, there are not many games per hour starting, so volume play is out of the question.

I made a bad loss in big field MTTs on Stars. I played the Sunday Storm 11 times and only min cashed once. I also played a few other 1,000+ player games and cashed pretty poorly. This is something I have to work on, I know it only takes one decent MTT win to wipe out all those losses but I'll be selective in future on what I play.

Cash, I only played 5,000 hands, I made a $15 profit but I'm not really a cash specialist and I hate the volatility of NL. I know I should love it as bad players will pay in the long run but it really hits you hard when you get crushed by someone with a runner runner.

Other games like 5 Card Draw and PLO I made a small profit. I like limit games and there are no great players in these types of games at the lowest level but again it's hard to progress because of the small player pools.

I'm really pleased with the way I've learned to use Holdem Manager 2. When I first got it, it sent me on tilt and I started losing with it. Too much information is not always a good thing but I've stuck with it and definitely improved my game by learning certain stats and information both about my own and my opponents play. I think I've moved up a level when I'm looking at stats as viewed from my opponents perspective.

My trial of Table Ninja is nearly finished but it's been one of the big pluses for me this year. At the start of the year I coul 4 table but now I can multi table with ease. I've also moved back to NL where it's essential for multi tabling. I've made more than the $60 required in the past month to pay for it. I will buy it but I really need a new laptop so that will have to come first.

My highest Star achievement was Silver. Nowhere near where I'd like but while I'm disappointed it's understandable. I also worked through $250 of bonuses which really helps but I'm annoyed that I spent my FPPs on Storm Tickets. I think I'll just save them until next XMas and either cash out or buy things from the store.

I'm sure there's a lot more to speak of but that's all that's stuck in my head for now. I'll give my hopes and plans for 2013 in my next post.

Good luck at the tables.