I'm sitting here waiting on my car getting fixed. I can't start up any games as I may have to stop at a few minutes notice so I thought I'd explain my Bankroll Strategy on Stars since I first joined the site.

When I first joined Stars, I was beating $5 games elsewhere at a decent ROI so I deposited $30 and expected to continue that run with disasterous consequences. I lost the $30 in quick succession and went back to the site where I was winning elsewhere.

I came back to Stars after I transferred $30 to another player on another site in return for $30 on here. As I didn't want to make the same mistake, I played $1 Double or Nothings (now 50/fifties) and began to grow my roll again.

I play a decent Single Table tournament but I noticed there where a lot of regulars in these playing tight aggressive ABC poker. While these players are easy to read (just watch the lobby for 5 mins and you will identify them), a table full of them is pretty hard to beat in 9 or 6 man form. I decided to move to Limit STT's where I was the only decent reg at micro stakes.

I have a decent ROI in these, 13% in 6,000 games but I was restricted to moving up as there's a far smaller userbase in limit and there are a few decent players from $3.50 upwards. When you're in a 6 seat STT with 1 player as good or better than you then it's -ev when there are only 2 payout places.  I've been going around in circles for the past year, taking shots at higher stakes and then moving back down. The player pool in limit STTs is just too small to move up.

I've recently just discovered these 45 man NL STT's. As I thought there would be high variance in these I was very cautious with my bankroll requirements. I started with over 100 buy ins and didn't move up until I had 200. I do multi table these in batches of 10 and that requires a higher bankroll as you seriously have to keep track on how you're doing.

I now have 200+ buy in's at the 50 cents games and it's now time to take a stab at $1.50 games. I'll still keep playing the 50c games but throw in 1 or 2 $1.50 games amongst the 10 games I play at the same time. Only when I've 100 buy in's will I fully change over to $1.50 games. When I've 120 buy in's it's time to start throwing in a $3.50 game or 2. Again I'll mix the 2 stakes, gradually playing more of the higher games until I reach the $7 games.


<$100 = 50c games

>$100 but <$150 = mix 50c and $1.50 playing more of the latter with a higher balance

>$150 but <$165 = $1.50 games only.

>$165 but <$350 = mix $1.50 and $3.50 playing more of the latter with a higher balance

Rinse and repeat until I find a level where I can't beat or profit's become less than the previous level - in which case drop a level and play more games. Work on game and take another shot.

There are still some decent players in these but the player pool is far larger. I don't have to worry about them until there becomes too many good players at a certain level. The player pool is far larger but there are a lot more payout places and a lot more bad players. Until I find that level, I'll keep to my bankroll strategy. If I hit a brick wall then I'll drop to stakes I can beat and just play more tables.

To any beginner who's thinking about bankroll strategy, no amount of bankroll will help you if you're a losing player but $20 is 40 buy in's at 25 cents games which I think is enough to get you started. If you're a casual player, there's nothing wrong with playing these until your $20 runs out. You will get many hours of playing and it's very unlikely you'll have a 40 game run where you don't win anything. The best way to learn is to practice so a $20 deposit won't break the bank while you'll gain experience along the way.

If you learn the basics and become break even or slightly profitable then the 100 game buy in amount that I'm adopting is a good strategy. You won't go broke and you'll gain experience.  If I were playing the 50/fifties or 6 max limit again then I'd have a far lower bankroll requirement. Remember it's just as important to move back down stakes as well as move up.

Bottom line is never risk more than you can afford to lose. I've said before that poker is so deceptively simple to learn but yet so complicated. There's no one right answer at times and luck is an important part in the short term. Anyone can get lucky but good players play for the long term goals.

Car just fixed now yeow! Back to the grind.

BTW I cashed in my first $1.50 in 6th last night and am $15 above my bankroll requirements, I'll play 2 x $1.50's along with 8 x 50c games for my first batch tonight. I played badly at times, hit lucky and all my flips seemed to hold up last night. I know on other days it won't be as rosy.

Good luck at the tables.