I started playing the 45 Man STTs with a great deal of success, I'm still playing them but I have moved elsewhere for a rake race and won't be playing as much on Stars for the month of December. I do however really like these 45 man games, they seem easy to beat and I'm running at +50% in 200.

My graph below is 45Man 50cents games filtered since 15th November (when I started playing them and also using Table Ninja).

A lot of my success is down to Table Ninja. It really makes multi tabling these a lot easier and I said that if I earned $60 at these then I would buy the software. I reached that target around game 150 and while I've went a bit stale, I'm still happy with my play.  I've still 14 days left of the trial but I can't make the purchase just yet.

My problem stems from the fact that my laptop is knackered. It's overheating and the internet cuts out intermittently and it's costing me chips and money. It's really frustrating and a new PC or laptop is essential. Money's a bit tight however so I've other priorites coming up to Christmas so it will have to be put on the back burner.

As I was unsure how I would play at these and coming from Limit games, I've adopted a very strict bankroll. 225 games is nowhere near a big enough sample and while 56% ROI is very healthy, I know I will have big swings where my losing streaks will be 20 or 30 games in a row. I'm almost at the stage to throw in a few $1.50 games into the mix but I will introduce them gradually. 

I don't think the standard will be any better in $1.50 but you always get a surprise in these. As I mentioned in my last blog, I've came across a massive multi tabler who plays 24 tables at the same time all day long. He could be a bot as I haven't seen him make a mistake but he's 24,000 games under his belt and I know Pokerstars has some very good software to detect such players. He's a shark and quite possibly the best player I've found on Stars but he's stuck playing these at a 20% ROI. He did try and move up stakes and lost which is why he's bottom feeding again but he certainly has the ability.

I open up 10 tables at a time and play these out until there conclusion. I take a break and then do the same again. The longest these games have went on has been 90 minutes so their nicely timed. I can easily play 30 games a day/ night while my missus watches the telly I'd like to play more tables at a time but my problems as mentioned above are restricting me. A year ago I could just about 4 tables with comfort but now with TN I can 10+

On a separate point, I like the new changes to the VIP scheme. It should help the little guys greatly and the transitions through the levels a lot easier. As I was previously Silver Star I'd find Chrome, Silver and Gold a lot easier to achieve. I also think a few PSO players will progress through the ranks.

Sometime's things just click and the past few weeks have been such a time. I played a $120 MTT (won as a freebie) on another site on Sunday and came 3rd, just missing out on two $1400 packages but it was the manner in which I played the game that really pleased me. I don't fear these stakes and I lost to a bad beat. I won another ticket to the same game next Sunday and again it won't be with scared money.

I know I have the ability to move through the ranks. I have said I want to hit Supernova but I just want to find the right level where I can maximise my profits. I work hard and study, read and play as much as I can. I know I can make it.

Good luck at the tables.