I had a poor foray into Limit games. I made a profit on Stars but made a loss elsewhere. I couldn't see where I was going wrong so I gave up completely and have moved to 45 man 50 cents games.

I made a promising but strange start. I've played a total of 28 games with 4 wins but no other placings. I had a few bubbles but I'm normally more aggressive around the bubble anyway so it's not surprising.

I also discovered I could get another free trial of Table Ninja. I used it in the past and quite liked it. TN allows you to multi table so I'm trying it out now. I have a new objective now, if I can make the $60 required to purchase it before the trial runs out I'll buy it. I also like the idea of the Notebuster software but I'm still unfamiliar with reading it. I'll put this on the back burner until next year.

My new plans are to stay here until I have $100 in my account where I'll try a few $1.50 STTs. I don't expect the fields to be any more difficult at these but I'm still not at a comfortable bankroll to play them. I need a decent sample before I know if I'm profitable at these so I'll review after 100. If all goes well then I'll review again at 500 and 1k.

One thing I'll have to work on while multi tabling is knowing how close to the bubble I am. I tend to change my game around this stage and it's a key reason why I succeed. In a STT you need to change gears but knowing when to change gears is vital. It's usually table and player dependant. I gave a tip to a player in a play money game last night and was shot down by him but this is pretty relevent for anyone playing. In a really tight table then you should loosen up while on a loose table you should tighten up. Most games are usually a mix of the 2 types of players so while you should be playing them independantly, you should also bully the table and build up chips at every opportunity if you can get away with it.

I played another 5 games while typing this blog. Lost 4 and had my first 6th place. I'm quite pleased with my play:

Normally I'm calling at every opportunity in this hand but the villian who won had been min raising every hand and his shove on this ocasion made me feel he was a lot stronger. With my fold I gained another payout place even though it left me with no stack to play. Same player later put me out with K8o v my ATo (another one of his min raise plays) so I'm happy getting my chips in ahead.

I'll update again at the end of November.

Good luck at the tables.