I haven't blogged since April but I've been posting over on the forum, I'll carry on from this thread I started over on Challenges and Battlegrounds. The World Series of Bloggers games will be coming around in March so I'm hoping from a few free tickets like last year which made me around $200 in added cash 

As an update I've been pretty stagnant this year. I've turned over a profit but I'm nowhere at the level I should be.  I withdrew some cash and left myself with a bankroll to cope with micro stakes. I stupidly played both Storms last Sunday without cashing but as I'm a mostly limit player I can take the swings and I won't go broke.

I specialised in 6 max STT in Limit form. I find players not just bad at these but really terrible and I cranked over a nice 13% ROI in 6,000 games which made got me leaderboard prizes and a few other bonuses. I did find however there were a few decent players at higher stakes and as the amounts of players in these are limited, it was always -ev me playing against them.

My Laptop is messed up atm, it's overheating, disconnects from the network and sometimes gets a black or blue screen of death. I've cleared the dust from underneath it with no success so I'll have to stick with it until after XMas to get a new one.

As a result, only yesterday I moved to 10c/20c limit cash, at least that way if I get disconnected I won't lose any more only a blind at most.

I started my thread on C&B to motivate myself to go for Supernova next year. I know it will be a hard push but since my move to Limit cash I'm finding VPP accumulating easier and I'm running at 6BB/hr. I'm hoping at some stage to 4+ tables and make a decent enough bankroll to move through the ranks where at $1/$2 I should clear SN. I've played $2/$4 on another site although it was at a loss but I was comfortable at 50c/$1 and $1/$2 so it's not scared money. I'm certain most of the regs will kick in at $1/$2 so it's vital I work on my game but also on my opponents game.

Table selection is an absolute key, I don't want to play good players, I want to play bad ones and the more the merrier so I'll follow the fish and avoid the sharks. You don't need to be the best in this game to win, just make less mistakes on your opponents.

I made a profit yesterday but today was a small loss. I'm not concerned, I think I'm playing well and below is 2 hands that typifies my play and also my opponents.

My opponent is calling a 3 bet out of position with rags. He flops the nuts, I'm happy with his play but it makes a dent in my balance and can turn a winning session into a losing one.

Here, the shoe is on the other foot but again it was his mistake. I was ahead in every street but he didn't know the nuts and was prepared to risk too many bets with a hand that is very likely behind on the flop and definitely behind on the river with my raising. I'm happy, it's clowns like these that make the game pay.

My graph since yesterday is not great but it's showing a profit and there's nowhere near enough of a sample to be gauging opinion after 650 hands.

If it all goes wrong and I start making a loss then I'll evaluate my game. If it still goes wrong then I'll simply move back to STTs.

Good luck at the tables.