Well not really but I got your attention.

I originally started this blog when I hit a bit of tilt. My intention was to find my leaks and look at my play from a third party's point of view and I think it's worked. I'm in good form, making less mistakes and generally playing well.

There's a few things that have "clicked" this month.

My first is table selection. There aren't many regs at limit STT's, if anything, I'm the reg but I have noticed 2 players that avoid each other. I now definitely avoid one of the 2 but as yet have no reason to avoid the other.

The player I avoid is +$3k in profit this year and a straight line graph. He can read my game and a table very well. I can change my game but he can also adapt so it's -EV me playing in any game against him. I've backed down and avoid him as these 6 MAX games only pay out top 2 , one of us will fail to cash and invariably it will be me. I won't avoid him if he's in a game but I don't join any games he plays. My worry is he massive multi tables these and he puts in 8- 10 hour shifts that restricts my play. He's Russian and $1k a month is probably an OK wage to be playing low stakes.

What confuses me is my other opponent. I have no reason to avoid him but the player above certainly does. I can't see anything about his game that I should avoid and he plays a slightly higher level. He's a massive multi tabler also but I'll keep playing him until it starts becomeing -EV.

I played well over 100 games at a decent ROI last week and finally made the move to $7 games. I didn't dent the 100 x $1.50 games leaderboard, in fact I probably had my worst week ever but I did finish 77th in the 20 game x $3.50. Top 50 get paid but I could have made the cash if it hadn't have been for my last game in the series. I had my opponent all in 3 times while ahead and he hit every time, he then came back short stacked and donked me. Really disapointing because I played well and he got lucky. I'm sure I had the luck at some stages in the other 19 games so it's swings and roundabouts.

I didn't complete 20 games at the $7 level but if anything they are easier. Players have a clue at this stage and a bluff will work. I'm not a bluffer BTW but it's part of the game. Players who chasing middle pair to the river will fold to a bluff bet and it's really put another gun in my arsenal.

Again I'm struggling in the Premier League. I'm 889 out of 1420 and only 4 games played. I must do better but another decent run should see me survive without a cash. I really didn't want to play this but knew I had too. There's so much value in playing but I'd rather grind 20 tables in the same time it takes to play one of these.

I was 10 tabling at one stage but reckon this is too much. I need to take things more slowly. I can handle 6 easily and I'll stick at this for a while. I tried stacking tables but the inability to view an interesting hand has made me move back to tiling. Stacking is the way to go however and I will move there when I can 10 table with ease. It wasn't that I couldn't keep up to speed but I couldn't read and keep focus on a table. As with poker in gereneral, practice, practice, practice will get me there.

I'm 37 points off Silver Star staus and should achieve this today, YAY! I'm well off my target of 10,000 points this year but will my move up stakes I should catch up. As always these stauses mean nothing if I ain't winning. I'd rather have a healthy ROI than be a losing Supernova player. It's all about finding the right level v's tables played to maximise my profits.

This week I hope to play 100 x $1.50 STT's, maybe 100 x $3.50's and hope to get through 20 x $7 games. I'll decide what leaderboard to play for after I've got through 30 games of each. For instance I'd a terrible run in $1.50 at the start of last week and it would have made a lot more sense to concentrate on $3.50 games where I had a lot more better results. As I noted however I was avoiding one player which restricted my play. Leaderboard prizes are a bonus which I should keep an eye on.

I'm going to avail of the reload bonus. It really makes sense taking anything from the site I can. They make enough rake of me and I should be able to get through 800 VPP's next month and get a $40 bonus that I wouldn't have otherwise achieved.

Finally, my Holdem Manager went down on Friday. I feel like I've been playing naked but it has re-learnt me to focus on notes again. HEM hasn't improved my game but it has enabled me to play a lot more tables. Especially the early game it helps me to identify what type of player I'm up against. I'm generally a folding station early doors but when I do get involved in a pot I know what the likelyhood of my opponent folding.

Lastly to Bobbers and Raines. You both started blogging when I started and it was because of your recent blogs that I decided to create a new one.