Whatever done it, I've shaken my tilt.

I didn't study as I said last week although I did run though a few hand histories as I usually do.

I've played (up to 7pm GMT+1 on Saturday), 187 games at $1.50 and $3.50 STT's and have amassed 1492 points at $1.50 and 984 at $3.50 (with 14 games to get to 100 games). I'd a bad start last Sunday but during the week I'd some great results. Things started to go awry last night when I had to leave 4 tables running without playing and today where I seem to have picked up some sort of a cold where I feel groggy but still playing. My graph is still heading upwards though and my balance means I will move up soon.

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This weeks graph above for all games includes 2 multi's. I'm happy with my play as I said but I dropped 4 games near the end of the graph when I had to go out in a rush.

EDIT The above graph doesn't show the full graph, it ends up with 34 buy in's profit but a peak of 39, I'll try and sort my next graph out.

I'm currently on the Mercury leaderboard in 45th but this will drop although I should get a $5 bonus. I will probably get through the 14 games this evening but not finish on the Mars leaderboard. Still if I can turn over a profit I'll be happy.

I'm going to tweak what I said last week and put a good bit of volume in tomorrow. I haven't played in the PSO League. I know I need to play 5 games by the end of the month so I'll set aside some time tomorrow night for multi's only. As I play limit STT's, mixing games can be costly.

My plans tomorrow are to play 40 STT's at $1.50 and $3.50, in the evening I'll play a few multi's. I've been 6 tabling up to so far so I'll try and increase that to 8. I do them in batches then take a break. I'm thinking of purchasing TableNinja, I'd appreciate any feedback as it is a big expense at my level and I'm not sure if I need it (yet). During the week I'll play less volume and then complete whatever leaderboard I'm doing best on.

I was wrong in my opening blog when I said there are no regs at Limit STT's. In fact there are quite a few. I don't think there there are many good on the $1.50 levels but $3.50 are a different story. Thanks to a Q I asked on the forum and was able to google a few of them. In fact there are quite a few of them that are pretty decent and some vary their stakes $3.50 to $30. I won't table select at $3.50 as I still think I'm the best but when it comes to move up to $7 then table selection is a key.

I've noticed there is a happy hour on Pokerstars, it's the time when the drunk UK, Russian and Spanish decide to play after they've been to the pub. When I do eventually move up to $7 (this week hopefully) I'll 1 table and avoid the good regs that I've found.

I've found this week to be very inspiring. I have amassed 254 VPP's which is easily heading for Silver Star and even my yearly target of 10k points now seems realistic.

Until next time.

Good luck at the tables.