A former Sunday Millions winner made this post:

"For anybody who needs encouragement or has talent but can't seem to make it out of the low stakes, read this thread that I created 3 1/2 years ago.


I read through both his threads and it's really given me encouragement, so much so I jumped straight back into $3.50 STTs that I was crushing 3 months ago but I was scared to tackle, even though I have the bankroll to play there.

Quote of the thread has to be this:

"First of all, I would work very hard on strategy. As you move up in stakes, you expect your ROI to decrease slightly whilst your hourly profit will increase. Work out what your opponents are doing and the best ways to exploit them. Consider your strengths and your weaknesses and maybe identify hands that cause you trouble and try to think why. Always steal ideas from other players. If an opponent has a playing style that has caused you trouble - try to think about why this is. If it's a weakness on your part you will notice that and be able to fix it and if it's a good play by your opponent then you can start to bring it to your own game. In the same way, if an opponent does something that is obvious try to think about why it is obvious and if you do similar things you can start to cut them out.

In my experience, the best thing to do would be not focus on $$ for a month or two - just work out how to get a winning game. This effort you put in will ensure that you still have your BR ready to take on higher stakes with a lot more skills and experience. If you can beat the lower games with a good % then you will be able to move up no problem. The guys who make the highest %'s at the lowest stakes could move up in no time at all with the right mindset so learn the game as much as you can and the $$ will start to come."

To play limit STT's you really need to understand your opponents. There are no tight aggressive in these and players come in 2 flavours. Calling stations and raising stations. It's not that they won't fold in these, it's that they can't fold. They'll call a 4 bet pre with J3o and chase a runner runner flush draw to the river with 1 card in their hands.

To win, you just value bet the hell out of them. You can try and thin the field but in general I just raise when I hit, call draws if I have odds and fold when I'm weak or have nothing. It's generally frustrating though as you get some brutal beats as players call to the river with gutshots, bottom pair, Ace high or the myriad of other hands that they play.

Bubble of a $3.50, my opponent had 53% VPiP so you know he's not folding ANYTHING to a raise, he's caught a pair and it's no foldem to the river. He doesn't care about my hand, he only sees his own hand. To him he's made a good call, he won the hand and eliminated me. It reinforces his play and he'll make that call every time, win the odd one but generally spew cash down the drain.

This second one was no bad play by my opponent, he's a calling station and I could have folded the turn but knowing my opponent he could have had a K, 8, flush draw, straight draw, AQo, KQo although I could definitely rule out many hands that he wouldn't reraise with. I did think of QQ but as a general rule, players trap when they hit and bet when they're drawing.

Overall I'm quite happy with my play. Players are so bad at these stakes and bad beats happen regularly. The thing is I'm seeing far more 1sts, 2nds and 3rds due to this new found confidence and very few lower places. I'm usually getting my chips in ahead and getting stung on the river, if I keep playing like this I'll build my profit again and maybe get the occasional spot on the Battle of the Planets Leaderboard again.

The 2P2 guy was the same as me but with determination and work on my game, there's nothing to stop me hitting $15 games where I can beat elsewhere. Who knows, there could be a day where I'm at his level.

Good luck at the tables.