My results have been abysmal since the start of February (February starts just after the peak in profits around 500 games)

This years graph:

OK I'm still in profit but it's not where I want to be. My form in particular since Februar has seen me not just break even but lose cash. I need to stop the rot but everything I've tried so far hasn't worked.

I switched from Limit to NL, I stopped multi tabling, I even played hyper turbos. The only good things were I made the Premier League and won several WBCOOP which compensates for my losses.

I've played 3 games so far in the Premier League but have done pretty poorly in them. I'm not overly concerned though as the game has a unique blind structure which took me a while to get used to and I've also made a few bad reads ie. JJ v 99 on a A99 board, I made a super read that didn't put my opponent on an A but what I didn't realise was he had 99 as his hole cards I'm sure I'll do OK in this tourney by the end of the month and at least stay up there.

I've still a healthy bankroll but I'm now going back to basics and playing 25c and 50c 45 man STT's and see how I get on. I'm not worried about profit, just hoping to get my game back on track. I'll stick with these today.

What is also helping me is reading other peoples questions on the forum and answering them. I realise I'm not doing what I'm preaching which I need to correct. I think I've a good basic understanding of the game but I'm not putting it into practice. I'll re-evaluate my game tomorrow after I've played a few of these.

Good luck at the tables.