The forum gestapo failed to publish my last post without a reason but I'll soldier on, it's still there for my own perusal.

The WBCOOP has been a great success for me. 2 games remaining I've so far won:

1 x $33 SCOOP
1 x $22 SCOOP
2 x $10 SCOOP
1 x $5   SCOOP

5 out of 8 cashes is pretty good and I'm pretty pleased. The games I never cash, 1 was a bad beat, 1 was a game I never played and 1 was a PLO game I meant to sit out and limp for $5 but my itchy fingers wanted to double up against the table bully.

I'm even more pleased with my play. I made 2 horrendous plays (but I won them both) but also some great reads. I both won and lost flips, made the odd bad call but overall I felt I played really well.

My final table last night had one Red Pro, I got my chips in ahead for his bounty and winning this hand I think would have got me a top 3 at least and a $50 ticket instead:

I had pushed the hand previously (with QQ) and got a walk while Zoutechamp had raised 3 hands previously and folded to a reraise. I felt he would stand up this time so my shove was a correct play.

I was 70/30 and besides the $10 bounty I would have got for KO'ing him I would have become massive chip leader and I could have bullied the middle stacks.

That's poker though, I wasn't worried as the next money place was top 3 and that's what I was aiming for. My exit hand following was QQ v KQ, that was QQ, KK, QQ in 3 hands running.

Other news, February was not a good month and my first ever losing cash on the site (not if you count the tickets above). I ended up losing more in FL STT's so I've switched back to fifty50's where I had good success when I first started on PS back in May. I also got my Premier League ticket on my first attempt, I look forward to playing in that as I feel it will have the right mix of players for me.

Good luc at the tables.