Only a $5.50 SCOOP ticket won in the 6 max NL Turbo event tonight. That's along with a $11 ticket in only my 3rd event played. I sort of lost concentration as I was 6 tabling Limit STT's at the same time. Made a raise with ATs and instant called a shorter stacks all in with it. He had QQ and my A never hit.

I gave up on the Hyper Turbo's finishing with only a 5% ROI, still made a profit but I got fed up with the pre flop shoves and bad beats. I still won't rule out playing them but in the mean time I've moved back to 6 seat Limit Regular speed games. Played 21 of these tonight at an ROI of 18%. I've 17 games to go to finish on the high orbit STT leaderboard but I don't think I'll stay there. The Hyper Turbo's hit me hard points wise so I might have another crack at the leaderboard in another 100 games.

Had quite a few bad beats in Limit but I know I played well and slowly but surely I'm getting my confidence and form back. If things go right I should make Silver Star by the end of March and back at $3.50 games.

February is best forgot about poker wise so I'll be glad to see the back of it.

Good luck at the tables.