In 8 years of playing I've always steered clear of Hyper Turbo's. Of course I've always known there's some skill in them but I always thought you had to be lucky rather than good. After playing 60 of them I'm now starting to change my mind. I'm only 1 tabling 6 seat games but already I'm hooked. A game lasts on average 12 minutes and starting hand selection and aggression is vital.

My stats are:

Played - 60
1sts - 9
2nds - 21
Nowhere - 30
ROI - 23%

That's exactly 50% of all the games I'm cashing. Now 60 games is nowhere near a good enough sample but 23% is a healthy amount in any players books, even if I could maintain a 10% ROI and start multi tabling, my profits would build quick and my 10,000 VPP target could be easily hit, reaping any rewards from the VIP bonuses. When I play around 1,000 of these I'll have a better idea where I stand.

Lotus1flower is a frequent player at these, I'm playing a similar game to him but just examining his stats, he sometimes makes the STT leaderboard and he's top of Sharkscope's leaderboard for $2 and under with over $1k in profit. Of course he's putting in the volume and his K3o push to steal my blinds was questionable (I called 88, he typically hit to double him up) . I'm confident not only could I emulate him but surpass him if I put my mind to it.

The real winners in these are Pokerstars as they are total rake machines but I don't mind as long as I keep winning.


I've asked on the forum with little success but could the mods make these blogs live?

My comments on lotus1flower needed to be current, by the time this is posted he could be well off the leaderboard (or have an even higher score). I could also have another 50 games under my belt and my stats above could change greatly.

Other things like WBCOOP play needs to be bang up to date and not something that ages well. You can always remove blogs that go against T/C if you notice something awry. I've been told to post my thoughts on the forum but that's not the whole concept of a blog. So come on guys, bring this to attention and get these blogs live.