Somehow I bagged 10 tickets, I didn't think I met the criteria but applied anyway. Now what to use them on.

Looking at the game schedule, game #1 has 527 players playing for 108 tickets. That's a 1 in 5 chance of winningand it was NL, the game of choice for most players (I'd have played that 6 max BTW, it's my favourite game.) I'm no good at PLO and I haven't a clue about Badugi but I'll keep an eye on the numbers. If there's a lot less players in these then anyone can get lucky. I don't know how many tickets where handed out but I reckon the majority will only get 10 tickets like myself. Game selection could be an important choice to win something.

I've played a lot less games this week. I tried a bit of 5/10c and 10/20c limit cash breaking even but not generating many VPP's which I had hoped for. I also played a few Limit STT's again with no luck. I'll have something to say on a few opponents but I'll wait a week or so before making a blog post about it.

My only luck has been in the Premier League Skill Qualifier. Why haven't I discovered this league before now?  :evil:

I've played 5 games and sitting in 109th. Top 200 get promotion to where the real cash is. I've had 3 cash places and 2 nowhere. 7th, 16th, 20th and the other 2 were well off the cash. Fingers crossed I can make the Premier League next month.

The standard is good for $1 game, this means that your bets get respect which also means you can bluff and semi bluff. There are quite a few Eastern Europeans who play who are the LAG type, this is the rght mix - players I can bluff and players who donate chips.

My early exits were stupid plays, AQs raising and no folding on an A high board was stupid, fine later in the game but not when the blinds are low. My exits in the cash were also mistakes, two I remember were:

My thought on this, 7 left and I was short stacked. 3 limpers and I like this play. I charged them a premium to see my hand, I had used this move once before and I felt I could do the same.

My mistake was not paying attention to who limped. The player who called very rarely raised a hand, he was tight but he was also passive. His hand range was tight so by him limping he was most likely strong. He snap called, I reckon mainly because he had twice my stack. Had I limped I could have picked a better spot or waited on a premium to double up. I wasn't desperate for chips and there was plenty more play in my stack.

This is a worse play imo and a bluff gone badly wrong. Fine to limp (or raise) in small blind and the flop was pretty good but my opponent had just joined the table and I had no information on him. Min raise from the BB was fishy and the flush draw was glaring so I felt a check raise would be a good way to take it down. The alarm bells should have come when he flat called my reraise. I just knew I was beat but I felt the only way to win the hand was to represent the 4 or a flush draw by shoving. My opponent did take a long time in thinking, I do think he considered folding to a higher kicker but I guess he knew he was strong and had to call.

Notes, notes, notes and the importance of them as 43o is basically junk even in the cut off, he hit the only flop he was comfortable with. I've nothing else on this guy but I did take a note on him.

Good luck at the tables.