I want to hit 10,000 VPPs this year. 3 weeks ago I thought I could achieve it, as I mention on another blog I was playing over 200 STT's a week, 6 tabling Limit STT's. Then my downswing hit as it inevitably always does to every player. I'm sort of scared now to touch any game, when the chips are down your confidence takes a knock, you start making mistakes, the cards are against you and nothing goes right.

Confidence means a lot to me, when I'm at the top of my game I can read a table like a book. I know exactly how to play against different types of player and I just know what to do in every situation. I've taken a step back to try and evaluate where I'm going wrong. The RNG is as random for all, it's what you do with those cards that wins you money. When I play with confidence I just know things will go well for me. It's all in my head of course but it works for me.

I cleared my 1st VIP reward of $10 but I haven't claimed it. I won't claim it until I start winning again, I'd rather appreciate as a reward for playing well and not just to prop up my bankroll giving me skewed results. I may struggle for 10,000 by the years end as I'm not multi tabling any more and playing regular MTT's instead of Turbo STT's.

I'm only gonna play 2 games tonight, $3k GTD 6 Max for $1.10 and the Pokerstars Invitational for Pokercast Listeners. Please don't ask me for the password as I won't share it but I can thoughroughly recommend the Podcast, there's very little strategy but some great discussion on everything else in the Poker World. If you want strategy then I can recommend "Strategy by Kirsty (or is it Kristy)" everything from low stakes to uber high stakes is discussed although it can be a level higher than what the beginner needs.

This is my stats according to sharkscope.com, these stats are for STT's, not quite as impressive when I add in Multi's. I really should be up around the $7 or $15 STT's but until I iron out my problems I'll be going nowhere. I have a 16% ROI but it was 18% before I hit that blip.

I'm quite pleased that it's a decent straight line but that little blip at the end is officailly me on tilt :

Good luck at the tables (except against me)

Footnote: I eventually got my photo's working. Quite simple if a bit of a hassle. You first have to upload your pic to a web hosting site like Tinypic.com. You then C/P the link they give you editing out all the junk that comes with it, you will have a URL like this: http://i40.tinypic.com/28cevll.png

You then click on the picture tab above and paste in the link. Really quite simple but it took me 3 weeks to do it