For 3,500 games I've been crushing Limit STT's but my recent run of over 100 games where I haven't just broke even but LOST money has made me move back to NL.

Dealing with tilt is always hard, some times you're doing no wrong in your play and losing to the luck of the cards but continually losing grinds you down then you start making mistakes and playing differently to try and correct your bad swing. Calling one bet too many in limit or raising when you should be calling is spewing chips, only after the hand or game has finished do you realise your mistakes. The problem is I keep making them. I do notice a lot more 4th's, 5th's and 6th's than 1sts, 2nds and 3rds.

I usually deal with tilt by a couple of methods. For starters I drop stakes, if I'm playing $7 I'll drop to $3.50 or if I'm $3.50 I'll go to $1.50. 3 weeks ago I was 6 tabling $3.50 games, putting in 200 games in a week, ocasionally making the STT leaderboard but tilt has got to me, $1.50 is the lowest and I can drop no further.

My 2nd method is to change games. This is what I'm now going to do. I love limit, I don't think I'm a good cash player but I'm a decent STT player and combining the 2 was printing me money for a while but all good things come to an end. I'm likely to move back there but I'll take a weeks break, play a few NL and limit multi's and maybe the ocasional Stud game. I'm sure I'll try a STT or 2 but I need a break to focus elsewhere.

My 3rd option is to look for added tournaments and only playing them. Added games will make your buy in go further. A break even player will become profitable playing these given enough games. I'm below break even atm but I know things will change.

My 4th option is the most catastrophic of all and that is switching sites. I've several smaller bankrolls on other sites, it's handy to have if there are any massive value games to play but most of my notes are here. I've 3700 games under my belt here and stats, notes and colour coding on quite a few thousand players. Changing sites isn't a bad thing as I am the new player to my opponents and any mistakes that I make will take a while for my opponents to exploit. I won't exploit them but I play solidly so they won't exploit me.

My 5th option is simply go back to freerolling. I was a freeroller for 4 years and done pretty nicely out of it. I won quite a few freebies including a trip to the Germany World Cup. It's a different level of thinking for freerolls but these are an easy (if frustrating) way to bankroll build. I'm nowhere near that stage yet and hope I never have to go back there.

I'm going to try for a few low stakes multi's. I've never won a multi on Stars while I've quite a few under my belt on ther sites. Its's sort of been bugging me that I haven't won one (or am I even in profit from multi's on here) but I know the fields are bigger, there's more bad players to wade through but the end rewards are bigger. Just one big win at low stakes will bring me back plus more from my negative equity.

The downside is the numbers involved. I could play 100 games without cashing but I'll be playing far less games and at least losing less than if I was playing STT's.

HEM2 graph for all games this year:

Multi's it is, good luck at the tables (except against me)