I gave this a wizz yesterday on an Orange San Francisco Phone (unlocked and on the GiffGaff network) and I must say I'm really impressed. Speed is fast enough and it's the same games that you'll play on a PC only you can be on the move. My only gripes (and these are constructive criticisms BTW) are the cards are too small to be viewed on a phone and notes aren't stored on the server so they don't show on the mobile app. I've yet to synch hand histories to my Holdem Manager.

I haven't tried it but you can multi table on the phone using the stacked tables method. You can even chat just like the normal software (but I wouldn't recommend it!)

I finished 2nd in the 6 seat STT I played so I think I'd be better sticking to the mobile version.

It says it's not available in NI but I was able to play it via Wifi but it's not data hungry anyway so even the crappy 100 MB Orange give you is enough for several hours play a month.

It can be found here: http://www.pokerstarsmobile.com/ and is available for the I-Pad, I-Phone and Android markets. Apart from Zynga Poker, this is the first proper Poker software that would play on my phone.

Tell me what you think.